Zoomer Dino Onyx

Zoomer Dino OnyxThis year, The Zoomer Dino Onyx won the Innovative Toy of the Year award for 2014. That means that it is going to be on many kids’ Christmas wish list.

Dinosaur toys are always popular with kids at Christmas, and each year, we usually see some hot new dino toy take off – with an interactive appeal – the bigger, the better!

This dinosaur is sleek looking, black and ferocious! It comes with a special tin storage case for safe keeping and portability, too. The toy moves just like a dinosaur would, and your child has to learn to control him.

It makes dinosaur sounds and has top notch detection abilities. It can sense when you’re near, and it will start interacting with you. It’s good, scary fun because dinosaurs aren’t tame pets – and neither is the Onyx Zoomer!

The Zoomer Dino Onyx can spin around in a flash and angrily roar at you while he tries to chomp down on you. But it’s all innocent fun – just meant to make your kids squeal with delight as they play with their new ferocious friend.

One thing that really makes this dinosaur lose it is when kids pull on his tail. And just to warn parents, he has some crude noises built in, like gas sounds and burps – stuff kids love and grown-ups sigh over!

This dinosaur uses True Balance Technology that allows him to balance on a couple of wheels while he roams throughout your house, exploring every nook and cranny as a wild animal would.

The Zoomer Dino Onyx can be controlled using the controller or your hands, either one. After awhile, you can befriend him and learn how to get along with him – but he still may not like strangers!

 This is a toy that requires three triple A batteries, and they’re not included. Since your child will likely want to use his or her Onyx Zoomer for a long time, you might want to invest in the rechargeable batteries and save yourself some money down the road.

Let your child open it Christmas morning and immediately look to see what “mood” Onyx is in by looking at the color of his eyes (they change with every mood!). Red is angry, blue is when you’re being friendly with your hand, and purple is for training mode.

There are only a few places where you can buy the Zoomer Dino Onyx. This link is one of the better ones.


By Joe Conde

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