The ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets Product Review

The ThinkFun’s Maker Studio Construction Sets will get your kids’ creative gears into motion, inspire their imagination and encourage them to develop an interest and love for engineering.

The ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets
will encourage your child to develop skills in building or engineering. There are three sets available the Gears Set, the Propellers Set, and the Winches Set, and they sell for $20. They are an educational toy, which will interest kids and parents alike.

Of course The ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets are not limited to kids alone, adults who are belatedly discovering a love for engineering and building will also enjoy tinkering around with these construction sets.

ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets are pretty straightforward: they give you the tools, tell you what to make, and that’s it. Once you’re done, there is nothing left to do. What makes them slightly different is that while you are building the sets, there are Engineering Challenges that you have to complete.ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets
For example, in the Gears Set, the Challenges include conducting experiments with friction, propulsion and torque. So you are learning about scientific concepts as well! Each set, which has 4 builds, comes with 10 of these Engineering Challenges.

Once you’re done with the builds, does it end there? Of course not. You can use the parts again and again, and continue surprising yourself with the various unique builds that you can come up with on your own. Engaging children’s interest in science and

Each set comes with all the materials required. In the Propellers Set, you will be building a chopper, a plane, a biplane, and a windmill. All the parts required to build them are already provided. ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction SetsYour budding engineers need just the right tool to get started on their road to become builders, and nothing fits the bill more than the ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets
You can get the ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets directly from ThinkFun or any of its authorized retailers and resellers. But you may also shop online since there are many stores that will sell it. Amazon is one of the safest places to order your Maker Studio set. They also offer competitive pricing on products and will even let you buy them with Free Shipping.

This link will take you to a discounted page in Amazon that offers the lowest price on the market for The ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets.

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By Joe Conde