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The Zoomer Interactive Puppy Product Review

The Zoomer Interactive Puppy is an improved upgrade of the previous version, and it is built to act just like a real puppy. The Zoomer Interactive Puppy can do more tricks and perform twice as well, and might be just what your child needs in lieu of a real puppy. It may even be a better choice.

The Zoomer Interactive Puppy The Zoomer Interactive Puppy sells for around $100, and is definitely a safer (and less messy) alternative as they won’t have the same problems as with a real puppy. It is also guaranteed to give kids a fun learning time.

Just like a real pup, The Zoomer Interactive Puppy barks, scoots, rolls over, and plays around. You can teach it new tricks, and it’ll learn them quickly. Best of all, you can talk with it, and even teach it to speak.

Once it starts zooming around the house, it is easy to forget that it is a toy and not an actual playful puppy. But when you want to make it stop, you can simply switch it off. Kids will also find a learning companion in The Zoomer Interactive Puppy since it understands three languages: English, French and Spanish. Learning foreign The Zoomer Interactive Puppy languages at such a young age will definitely be double the fun when done with Zoomer.

This is definitely a good way to train your kids to have a pet dog before you get a real one. It teaches them responsibility to care for it, so they will do a good job once you get them a real puppy.

The Zoomer Interactive Puppy is battery-operated. It offers 20 minutes of playtime for a total charging time of 1 hour. Zoomer products are known for being high quality. They offer customer support and help for those who need it.

While biding your time in getting a real, live puppy, you can get this one and give your child a one-of-a-kind pet-rearing and learning experience. You won’t regret it. If you are looking for a good investment for your kids, get The Zoomer Interactive Puppy, your kid’s new best friend, today.

The Zoomer Interactive Puppy Zoomer has partnered with Amazon who has established itself as a reputable retailer and obtained the trust of millions of buyers all over the globe. They offer discounts, promotions, and usually include free shipping. This clearly makes them one of the best options for online purchases.

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Zoomer Robot Dog Review



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ZoomerZoomer is the new robotic dog from Spin Master that looks like a Dalmatian puppy. To date it is the most advanced robo-dog that there’s been.

Zoomer is fully articulated and interactive, and best of all while looking and acting like a real puppy, it is mess free. No trips to the vets or walks every day, no toilet training, completely hypoallergenic and no responsibility.

With its fully articulated limbs Zoomer has a full range of motion, and with its ‘ball paws’ it can be used on any surface. It can also act and move just like a real playful puppy, wagging its tail, rolling around and crouching. Its LED eyes can track movements across the room turn into hearts when “I love you” is said. This toy also has voice activated commands and can learn when he is played with.

This adorable dog robot  will retail for around $150. Zoomer

It is aimed at any one 5 years and older. Although primarily aimed at younger children they also appeal to whole families.

Zoomer has around 30 trainable commands, including “here boy”, “play ball”, “speak”, “look at me”, and many more. This is great fun for children who want a pet dog but who are still too young for the responsibility of a real dog. The more that he is played with the more he will learn, he will also learn to recognize his owners.

One of the cutest features of Zoomer is that he has sensors on his belly so responds to a belly run by rolling over and showing hearts in his LED eyes. He can also play dead, when he does this he appears to fall over and his eyes become X’s. It even goes to the toilet on command, lifting his back leg and even making sounds.

Just like a real dog, if he’s left alone he will go and explore the room and find things to play with and look at.

ZoomerOne downside to Zoomer is that a full charge, that takes 30 minutes, will only give 20-40 minutes of play time. So if a child wants to play they will only be able to play in 20-40 minute segments rather than a long play session. On the upside it can be charged with either a USB or AC meaning you can plug him in almost anywhere.

Although $150 may seem expensive at first glance, with all of Zoomers features and tricks the price is not as bad as it first seems. It’s also much cheaper than the alternative of a real dog.

ZoomerWhen displayed at the New York Toy Fair children and adults alike were falling in love with this interactive puppy.

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By Joe Conde

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