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Romo Smartphone RobotProduct Review – Romo Smartphone Robot

A huge number of toys and devices that utilize smartphones have already been released this year, and many more are on the way. While most of those toys incorporate smartphones in new and exciting ways, none of them convert the smartphones into actual robots.

Romo Smartphone Robot is the one exception. Installing the free app onto your iPhone or iPod Touch and then plugging the device into the Romo station transforms a lowly phone or MP3 player into a fun and lovable robot.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Romo Smartphone Robot was designed to be the first robot accessible to everyone, and his functionality reflects that. Romo has facial recognition that follows you as you move around. Users can tell him to follow specific people, run away from them, try and get their attention, and more.

He is a learning robot and can be trained to complete new and exciting tasks. Users can control Romo from anywhere in the world with nearly any Apple product via the app, and his view from the front-facing camera is displayed on the controlling device. He includes several games users can play that will help him continue learning and evolving.

Romo Smartphone RobotHow Much?

The Romo app will be free, and the base will cost $149.99.

Things We Like About Romo Smartphone Robot

What’s not to love about the world’s first personal robot? Romo is incredibly personable and displays a huge range of emotions, all of which are adorable. The fact that users can control him from anywhere in the world is amazing and has nearly unlimited potential for connecting people.

Romotive, the company behind Romo, plans to release new updates once a month; the updates will teach Romo new behavior and will continue to make him even more fun. The base recharges rapidly, and it charges your device while it’s plugged in.

Things We Did Not Like About Romo Smartphone Robot

Really, the only potential dislike is the cost, though, considering Romo is the first personal robot available to the masses, $149.99 seems a small price to pay. Parents will want to supervise any young children during their interactions with Romo.

2NEUWho Would Buy Romo Smartphone Robot?

Romo is only compatible with iOS devices, at least for the foreseeable future, so iPhone and iPod Touch users will be the only ones purchasing him for a while. Aside from that, anyone who loves robots will love Romo!


Romotive provides a full 1 year warranty against any defects in workmanship or internal parts.

Is Romo Robot Worth the Money?

Romo is a personal robot that can learn, connect people around the world, recognize individual faces and interact with them, and much more. With that in mind, $149.99 is well worth it. Can I Buy Romo Smartphone Robot?

He is set to be released in the summer and will initially be available at this link. They are currently accepting preorders. This product will also be available at major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

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Romo promises to revolutionize the personal robot field, and thousands of people are already highly anticipating his release!


You can get the best price for your Romo Smartphone Robot

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