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2NEUProduct Review for Once Upon A Zombie Doll

 Once Upon A Zombie are fairy-tale dolls with a twist. So far there are zombie versions of well known Disney princess characters such as: Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, The Little Mermaid.

Based on the book trilogy of the same title, written by Billy Phillips, the dolls, books and digital game are set to be all the rage. The story behind the franchise is that something has gone wrong in Fairy-tale Land and everyone is turning into zombies and that one human has to save the day.

These collectors’ dolls are made by WOWWEE and will be 11 inches tall, with articulated limbs that bend to make the doll pose the way you want. The first sets of dolls to be released are zombie versions of six of the most popular Disney princesses. Complete with flowing hair, glass eyes and skull belts. They are even packaged in tombstone shaped plastic.

How Much?

Set to be released this summer they are due to retail at $40.0. The doll comes complete with a stand and with a zombie style hair brush.

Once Upon A Zombie DollWho would buy Once Upon A Zombie?

The great thing about these dolls is that they appeal to people of all ages, from children, to teens and even adult collectors. Though mainly aimed at junior collectors, fans of the books are sure to want a doll to accompany the book. They would also make a fantastic addition to any adult collector’s shelves.

Things we like about Once Upon A Zombie

The funky twist they provide on the regular princess makes these dolls unusual and unique compared to most other dolls. The attention to detail on the dolls is outstanding, with their long locks, glass eyes, eyelashes and zombified dresses.

As well as the Disney princesses there will also eventually be other characters such as Aladdin, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and a few others. Only sneak peek photos of these have been released yet though.

Once Upon A Zombie DollThings we don’t like about the Once Upon A Zombie

It’s hard to find a fault with these Once Upon A Time dolls as they have yet to be released. However their quirky style might not be to every ones tastes. People have also complained that they don’t come with shoes.


Due to the fact these dolls have yet to be released there is currently no information on whether these dolls will come with a guarantee, or if they do what it would be.

Are the Once Upon A Zombie dolls worth the money?

These fun and funky dolls are definitely worth the money, are reasonably priced and with all their unique details they are set to become popular.

Once Upon A Zombie DollWhere can I buy Once Upon A Zombie?

Once Upon A Zombie dolls are due to be released August 2013. The will be available online, at Wal-Mart, Target and at most major toy stores.

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Customer reviews of Once Upon A Zombie dolls.

Since they have yet to be released there are no customer reviews on these dolls. However the vast majority of comments about these dolls are positive, with people looking forward to when they are available for purchase.

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By Joe Conde