Max Tow Truck

Max Tow TruckThe Max Tow Truck has real towing ability, and  is what’s going to be hot this Christmas, as It can push and pull up to 200 pounds!

Tow trucks have come a long way. Remember when you were little and your parents bought you one of those clunky metal tow trucks and you got so excited? Well it was nothing like what kids today have the chance to own.

Obstacles? There are no obstacles for this tow truck because it just climbs right over anything in its path. You can load up the tow truck and watch it get to work transporting your items.

But the Max Tow Truck is no ordinary vehicle. This tow truck talks. It has more than fifty phrases it can say, and it includes sound effects to make playtime more fun, too. Kids around age six and up will love Max the Tow Truck.

You don’t have to use the Max Tow Truck for towing, either. You can have fun racing him around or make him crash into things – or through obstacles. It’s a really fun all in one vehicle that kids will love.

As with most toys in this technology age, the fun doesn’t stop with offline playtime. There are apps you can use to have even more fun. You can bring his world alive and play with him in a virtual setting, too.

There’s even an option to bring your room into the virtual world and watch Max drive around your room in the virtual world. It lets you customize him more, too – like his color, if you don’t want him to be red.

If you have a little red wagon, there’s a chain attached to the Max Tow Truck that will latch onto the wagon and it will tow your child’s belongings wherever he wants them to go.

You know what this means, right? Your child can get into the wagon and have Max tow him around. Just make sure all safety precautions are in place. If Max encounters anything that you think it can’t get past, put him in turbo mode and watch him rev up his power for you to get past it!

Now there is one thing parents need to be aware of. This toy requires six C batteries, so make sure you stock up on those if you think your child might use Max to the limit. You might even want to get rechargeable batteries for good measure.

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By Joe Conde