LEGO Spaceport Product Review

There are millions of people who play with LEGO sets, and to keep the momentum, LEGO has launched another fun product from its LEGO City line, and it is called the LEGO Spaceport. Its highlight is a space shuttle, and various space crafts that you can build and play with!

The LEGO Spaceport set sells for around $120. This set includes a space shuttle with a detachable fuel tank, boosters, a mobile launch pad, a service car, and 5 miniature characters representing the members of your space team!

Lego SpaceportThanks to LEGO, kids of many generations grew up with rich imaginations, living their dreams by using these small blocks. Over the years, LEGO became more adventurous in its offerings, and the one that benefited the most are the consumers.

LEGO lovers are definitely going to be thrilled at the thought of a space-themed LEGO set, and the Spaceport promises all sorts of space-related building fun! There is always a tiny astronaut lurking within each one of us (yes, even among adults) and it is through the LEGO Spaceport that they can live out their dream of being an astronaut or a scientist. Over the decades, parents have always regarded LEGO sets as one of the most educational toys around, and this release is not going to be an exception.

This time around, our imaginations are taking to new heights – literally and figuratively – since LEGO is taking us into outer space. Of course we have to build the space shuttle first, and that is just half of the fun.

LEGO SpaceportThe design of the space shuttle is very inspired. It comes with a detachable fuel tank and even the rocket boosters can also be ejected! It is also designed with cargo bay doors and it comes with a mobile launch pad and satellite.
A service vehicle is added to complement the 2 service personnel mini-figures. And since this is a space shuttle ready to go on a space mission, we have one scientist and 2 astronauts joining the team.

You can trust LEGO to incorporate its brand of high quality and workmanship on its products, including the Spaceport.

Just the concept of building in a space-themed setting is enough to convince many to purchase the LEGO Spaceport.

LEGO SpaceportYou can expect to find the LEGO Spaceport anywhere and everywhere that sells authentic and legitimate LEGO products. If you do not feel like hunting from store to store, you can simply log on to Amazon and place your order there. It may even be your lucky day and you can get it at a discount, on top of the Free Shipping that Amazon offers for many products.

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By Joe Conde

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