Lego Fusion Town Master

Lego Fusion Town Master

The Lego Fusion Town Master is a dream toy for kids who love building Lego worlds by hand – and playing video games because this toy combined the two. First you build your town and then you bring it all to life as an interactive video game !

Lego toys are always a hit at Christmas, whether they’re big or small – for boys or for girls – and for the 2014 holiday season, the Lego Fusion Town Master is going to be topping the list for kids (and those grown ups who love Legos, too).

You will need a smartphone or tablet, so you can download an app to make this happen. The citizens of your town will have certain needs, and using the LEGO Town Master App you can find out what they need and then use your Lego bricks to build it.

You never know what they might need! It might be a house for a citizen, a new shop in the town square, or a restaurant with a delicious menu. Sometimes it’s things like new roadways or a fire station that serves the town.

The box has a LEGO Fusion baseplate in it where your bricks snap on so that the virtual game can come to life on your smartphone or tablet. And in the game, you can earn things, too – like studs, rewards and more power.

The way you earn this is by completing missions and little games (miniature ones) in the game. They’ll come up randomly in your town for you to complete as you grow your virtual world.

The figure that comes with the Lego Fusion Town Master is the mayor. He’s there to help you rule the town and take care of the citizens and their many needs.

As for Lego bricks, you’re going to have 256 pieces to work with. Plus, you get the Fusion baseplate. The Lego Fusion products are compatible with other Lego bricks if they’re the same color and size as the ones found in the set, so if you have more – feel free to use them!

Once you buy the Lego Fusion Town Master for your child, you’ll download the App in the Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung app stores. There are hundreds of fun Lego toys to invest in, but the Fusion line is going to be highly popular with the combination of brick and virtual play ability.

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By Joe Conde

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