I Am Elemental Action Figures Review

The I Am Elemental Action Figures teach young girls about core traits and values such as Courage and Persistence. They are representative of superpowers, and are the feminine take on the usually male-dominated field of action figures.

I Am ElementalIt’s about time that girls, too, get to enjoy action figures, and not just leave all the fun to the boys. It also helps a lot that these action figures come in the form of superheroines that are unique and boast core superpowers that will teach them about good character traits and values.

Toy and action figure collectors will also feel drawn to the I Am Elemental Action Figures, since they boast unique looks. And here’s another great news: even boys will love them!

The complete Elements of Courage set, which contains 7 action figures. Sells for about $65. A single I Am Elemental Superpower, such as the COURAGE Core Power action figure, costs $25.

The concept is good, and the idea of action figures serving as representation of good values has great merit. In this instance, getting the Series 1 set will teach them about 7 “superpowers”. There is Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence, and Fear. Soon to join them is the I Am Elemental Courage Core Power.

I Am ElementalDon’t get us wrong. We like Barbie. We think she’s pretty. But not all little girls are really expected to like her, are they? The looks sported by each of the I Am Elemental action figures are edgy and cutting edge. That will surely appeal to many girls who want something different.

Each action figure comes with a shield, and if you buy the whole set, you can use the included accessories interchangeably among the seven characters.

To add to the learning fun, it also comes with a Workbook, so you can make the most out of the interactive time that the I Am Elemental Action Figures provide!

The manufacturer guarantees outstanding workmanship for its products. However, in the event that customers are dissatisfied, or the product becomes defective or damaged, they offer a 30-day warranty.

I Am ElementalMore than simple action figures, The I Am Elemental Action Figures will also help in shaping your little girl’s character. Getting the entire set at $65.00, complete with accessories and extras, is a great deal!

There are several retailers that will   have the I Am Elemental products in stock. However, Amazon is one of the best options. Not only do they give away huge discounts and generous perks, but they also help you save more by offering the Free Shipping promo!

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By Joe Conde

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