Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car

Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car

For many decades, kids have been enjoying Hot Wheels cars. Originally they were mostly manual toys, but the Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car Remote control version is taking things to a new level. It is rated as one of the top fifteen Christmas gift requests for Christmas 2014 ,a and is one of the Toys R Us Fabulous 15 list for 2014 gifts.

In the past, kids have been excited to play with the Terrain Twister and Terrainiac , but now they’re able to take their racer to the skies. It’s a dual terrain vehicle, so it does still work on the ground, but if your child wants it to take off into the air, it can.

Everyone knows that RC cars have been around awhile. Kids have been able to race them and dart them all across the roads and sidewalks for years. But now Hot Wheels has brought about a flying car. This is just like Back to the Future, but instead of a DeLorean, this is a Hot Wheels Street Hawk.

On the ground It uses two 8mm motors and you steer and control it through a 2.4 GHz remote control transmitter. It is powered by a L-ion 3.7V rechargeable battery which can be recharged by USB cable. On the air it takes off and can fly for up to 200 feet and the two propellers spin at more than 35000 RPMs.

Right out of the box you get the Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car and the remote control. Batteries are included, and since they charge back, you don’t have to spend any more on battery replacements.

This toy is perfect for kids ages 4 and up. Most boys will be thrilled to get it, but if you have a little tomboy in your house, be sure and get her one, too! Who doesn’t like to fly vehicles around in the air? Or, drive them on the ground?

Every year there’s some major electronic vehicle that tops most kids’ wish list for Santa. This year, Hot Wheels has claimed that honor with the Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car.

The Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car has some small parts, so make sure you don’t lose them. There are some extra spare parts like propellers, so you need to make sure you put them in a safe place.

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By Joe Conde

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