Hello Barbie Product Review

The Hello Barbie doll has come a long way. The latest release looks almost human, and is becoming more and more realistic. There is an emerging trend to make dolls more responsive, and the Hello Barbie doll is the proud result.

Hello BarbieA lot of women all over the world grew up with Barbie as their companion. It was a great doll in it’s time, and now as adults, Hello Barbie still holds a special place in their hearts. The dolls they used to play with when they were younger have now become part of their Barbie collection which they have passed on to their daughters.

So it is probable, that once they see Hello Barbie, they will want to include it in their collection. It is likely that parents will also feel more comfortable letting their kids play with Barbie, considering how this specific model is more interactive and encourages learning and development of their communication skills.

Hello BarbieWe love a responsive doll, and the Hello Barbie fits that description to a T. Using a technology that is similar to SIRI, it is safe to say that it is one smart doll. Since it also makes use of Wi-Fi, so the possibilities are endless.

Talking with Barbie is going to be one unique and fun experience. The best part about it is that Barbie seems to learn along with you. As time goes on and you interact more, she will visibly become smarter, and your conversations will become meatier.

When connected to Cloud, Barbie will be able to receive updates, particularly about topics that are currently popular among children.

We should also make mention of how, this time around, Barbie gets to have articulated ankles. Finally, the lady can get rests in between from high heels and slip on to something more comfortable, like flats.

Hello BarbieThe Hello Barbie is certainly worth the money. It has a lot of features that make it a doll that stands out from the rest, so However, it is safe to say that it is one doll that we would not mind spending money on.

You may order the Hello Barbie directly from Mattel. Another good option would be to head over to Amazon and place your order there. Amazon is a marketplace that is known for its fair prices, good quality products, and excellent customer support. Of course, the discounts given to customers for various products do not hurt, either. They even offer Free Shipping for many products, saving you more money in the process.

Finally, a doll that you can actually talk to and interact with! The Hello Barbie looks set to be another major trendsetter for other dolls in the future!

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By Joe Conde

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