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Flutterbye Flying FairyProduct Review – Flutterbye Flying Fairies

Remote controlled cars, helicopters, and planes have long been the province of boys and men. They were designed to look manly and perform to the extreme, and finding girls interested in the area was something of a rarity.

In line with the recent move to create feminine versions of popular toys to more closely align with traditional girl’s tastes, Spin Master has created the Flutterbye flying Fairies, a remote controlled helicopter that is actually a fairy.

 Let’s take a look at some of the features

To say that Flutterbye flying Fairies are remote control toys is something of a misnomer, at least as the term is popularly used, because they don’t use actual controls. There is no handset with up-and-down and side-to-side levers. Instead, the feet of each fairy contain an infrared detection system that detects when someone’s hand is placed beneath, and the propellers (which look suitably like fairy wings) adjust height based on that. Set to be released in time for the Christmas season of 2013, two fairies will initially be released: Stardust, who is blue and purple, and Flower, who is pink and purple.

3NEUHow Much?

When released in August of this year, the Flutterbye flying Fairies will have a suggested retail price of $34.99.

Things We Like About Flutterbye flying Fairies

While not every girl likes fairies and pink, many do, and it is nice to see more toys designed to appeal to their tastes. Like the Nerf Rebelle, a Nerf bow designed for girls, the fairies open up the world of remote controlled helicopters previously primarily reserved for boys. On top of that, the fairies just look incredibly cute and convincing as they fly around.

Things We Did Not Like About Flutterbye flying Fairies

It’s estimated that a full battery charge will last about 5 minutes of flight time. While each one includes a charger and built-in batteries, it is not clear yet how long each charge will take to complete. The average time is about 20 minutes, which, if it holds true, would mean 5 minutes of flight time for every 20 minutes charging time. That’s not really very much time.

2NEUWho Would Buy Flutterbye flying Fairies?

Any parent of a girl who likes fairies, which, according to national trends, is most of them!


While not officially announced, the fairies will very likely have a warranty providing coverage against defects.

Is Flutterbye flying Fairies Worth the Money?

$34.99 may seem like a lot, but considering the technology used and the potential for fun, it’s a fair price.

1NEUWhere Can I Buy Flutterbye flying Fairies?

The Flutterbye flying Fairies will be available at all major toy retailers and department stores, as well as most major online retailers like Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Flutterbye flying Fairies

The public was first exposed to the Flutterbye flying Fairies at toy fairs this year, and initial anticipation is high. Those who saw demonstrations are submitting rave reviews and can’t wait to get their own fairy to fly around!

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By Joe Conde

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