The Egg Attack Iron Man Product Review

The Egg Attack Iron Man Egg Attack Iron Man  has been released with a magnetic version to give you a floating figure on your desktop. It will cost around the $200 mark, but there are quite a few options and variations.

The main feature of the Egg Attack Iron Man is how it actually levitates! Turn the Mark II to flying mode, and The Iron Man 3 Mark II will start floating.

The levitation base itself glows thanks to the combined electromagnetic forces which keep the Iron Man in balance, and makes the floating effect look even more impressive.

Who doesn’t love Iron Man? The Egg Attack series is particularly popular, and the addition of the Mark II is a much welcome news to fans of the franchise, or even to avid toy collectors – yes, even those who are not Iron Man fans.

Egg Attack Iron ManThe Egg Attack Iron Man 3 is designed with great attention to detail and the quality and finish are excellent. The details are impressive, from the joints to the armor, even to the air deflector when it is on flying mode. Beast Kingdom has high quality standards when it comes to its products and collectibles, and the Egg Attack Iron Man 3 Mark II has that same mark of quality.

The  Egg Attack Iron Man 3 is a little pricey, but when you consider the features and the cutting-edge technology used to make it happen, It is a bit of gear well worth considering. The mere thought of the Mark II floating above your desk is enough to bring a smile to your face, and that means it is worth buying!

Beast Kingdom has hit the sweet spot with the Egg Attack Iron Man 3, which is considered to be the first ever simulation of the character. Be among the first to own one. At around 7 inches, the Egg Attack Iron Man 3 is is just the right size not all that small, but it’s not too big, either.

Egg Attack Iron Man You may order the Egg Attack Iron Man 3 directly from the manufacturer. But your best option is Amazon, as it is one of the best and most reliable places to purchase, and you also get free Shipping.

This link will take you to a discounted page in Amazon that offers the lowest price on the market for The Egg Attack Iron Man


By Joe Conde

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