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Most people who were kids in the 1970s remember the classic toy Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. Two manually controlled robots faced off in a boxing ring, and human opponents controlled them until a victor emerged.

Many people also saw the recently-released movie Real Steal, a movie that took its inspiration from the classic game and was about actual boxing robots. Cloud Robots are the first step in the direction of that movie!


Let’s take a look at some of the features

It’s hard to accurately classify Cloud Robots. On one hand, they are a video game; while on the other hand, they’re a high-tech version of the old school game. Put simply, two actual robots stand in a specially designed ring and box with each other. Each robot is controlled through an app installed on iPhones or iPads. The app displays the video game version of the physical robots’ behavior and keeps track of the score. And, owners of a set can connect to other owners online and battle it out on the internet.

5NEUHow Much?

The developers have not released an official price, but they have insinuated that the robots will not be cheap.

Things We Like About Cloud Robot

The technology behind Cloud Robots is incredibly impressive. The inventors have made awesome advances in robotic technology and incorporated smartphone and internet technology to amazing effect. The robots were only in development still when they were debuted at toy fairs, but even then, they appeared to move and function like real boxers.

Things We Did Not Like About Cloud Robot

As much as younger children will be drawn to the boxing robots, the technology and cost will likely be prohibitive. Parents will want to closely supervise children during use. Each charge is estimated to last about 20 minutes which doesn’t leave a lot of boxing time.

3NEUWho Would Buy Cloud Robot?

Fans of robotics, the classic game, or the movie will fall in love with Cloud Robots! Aside from that and since the price is likely to be high, purchasers will likely be relatively well off financially.


Like the price and release date, an official warranty has not been officially announced yet.

Is Cloud Robot Worth the Money?

Since the price has yet to be revealed, it’s hard to say whether it will be a justifiable purchase. However, taking the technological advances utilized and the huge potential for online competitions, nearly any price would seem worth it.

1NEUWhere Can I Buy Cloud Robot?

Cloud Robots have not completed development and are not available to the public yet, and, considering the developers are a private enterprise based out of Hungary, it is hard to guess where, exactly, they will be sold. The main company website will likely be the sole source and you’ll probably be able to grab them off Amazon as well.

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Lovers of gadgets, robotics, animatronics, and internet technology are all incredibly eager and enthusiastic about Cloud Robots!


By Joe Conde

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