Charmazing Color Me Up Heart Collection

Charmazing Color Me Up Heart CollectionThe Charmazing Color Me Up Heart Collection gives you six charms and three bracelet bodies and beads, so you can create truly unique fashions to wear and enjoy. You can make your bracelets unique with delightful, love-inspired charms.

 You also get six energy cards which provide interesting information about your gems. With the free app, you can log in and connect with friends to have fun and learn more about your creations.

 The Charmazing Color Me Up Heart Collection is s going to be an amazing trend where girls can craft a one-of-a-kind bracelet by mixing and matching elements from the pack. There are six charms inside the pack, which represent peace, infinity love, key heart, forever love, BFFs, and peace dove.

 The energy cards from the Love Collection detail all of the charms with their meanings. The cards go over the various charms, ranking them in terms of love, harmony, wellness and fun.

 So if your daughter has a best friend who is sick, she might make a bracelet for her with a charm that’s high in wellness. The behind-the-scenes meanings will be very important for the girls using these charm bracelets.

 It also comes with any different beads to help you create your designs and the bracelets can be expanded and stacked with the collectible charms. The beads are beautiful and look like a mix of gold, fake diamonds, silver, pinkish and purplish items.

 It’s sure to be very sparkly and girly for the fashion focused tweens who are into this kind of accessory. This toy is exclusive to Toys R Us, so you won’t be able to find it elsewhere and should go ahead and order early to make sure your child gets her kit this holiday season.

 The Charmazing Color Me Up Heart Collection is  an interactive toy. Your daughter can download a free App on the iOS or Android to showcase their creations and share them with others. She can scan the charms and share or use the App. It helps their creativity and is really is wonderful toy , which is perfect for ages 8 and up for the fashion and craft-minded girls out there!

Make sure your daughter downloads the App from the Google Play or Apple App Store so they get the most out of it.

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By Joe Conde

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