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Lego Fusion Town Master

Lego Fusion Town Master

The Lego Fusion Town Master is a dream toy for kids who love building Lego worlds by hand – and playing video games because this toy combined the two. First you build your town and then you bring it all to life as an interactive video game !

Lego toys are always a hit at Christmas, whether they’re big or small – for boys or for girls – and for the 2014 holiday season, the Lego Fusion Town Master is going to be topping the list for kids (and those grown ups who love Legos, too).

You will need a smartphone or tablet, so you can download an app to make this happen. The citizens of your town will have certain needs, and using the LEGO Town Master App you can find out what they need and then use your Lego bricks to build it.

You never know what they might need! It might be a house for a citizen, a new shop in the town square, or a restaurant with a delicious menu. Sometimes it’s things like new roadways or a fire station that serves the town.

The box has a LEGO Fusion baseplate in it where your bricks snap on so that the virtual game can come to life on your smartphone or tablet. And in the game, you can earn things, too – like studs, rewards and more power.

The way you earn this is by completing missions and little games (miniature ones) in the game. They’ll come up randomly in your town for you to complete as you grow your virtual world.

The figure that comes with the Lego Fusion Town Master is the mayor. He’s there to help you rule the town and take care of the citizens and their many needs.

As for Lego bricks, you’re going to have 256 pieces to work with. Plus, you get the Fusion baseplate. The Lego Fusion products are compatible with other Lego bricks if they’re the same color and size as the ones found in the set, so if you have more – feel free to use them!

Once you buy the Lego Fusion Town Master for your child, you’ll download the App in the Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung app stores. There are hundreds of fun Lego toys to invest in, but the Fusion line is going to be highly popular with the combination of brick and virtual play ability.

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FurReal Friends Get Up and GoGo My Walkin Pup

FurReal Friends Get Up and GoGo My Walkin PupThe FurReal Friends Get Up and GoGo My Walkin Pup is a toy that’s great for kids who beg for a dog, but parents who don’t yet want them to try taking on that kind of responsibility. It’s lifelike, but not overwhelming.

The FurReal Friends toy line has been a smash hit ever since it was released. This year, for the Christmas 2014 season, the Get Up and GoGo My Walkin Pup is going to be the one all boys and girls ask Santa for when they hop up onto his lap.

When your child takes her out of the box and names her, that’s when the fun begins. Using four double A batteries (which are not included), she comes to life and starts barking and making precious doggie noises.

The FurReal Friends Get Up and GoGo My Walkin Pup sounds just like a young puppy, and she’s active, too! Your child can put her on a leash and walk her around. The leash has a built in remote control. Just like most toys this year, playtime isn’t limited to the offline world.

It’s also set up to work in conjunction with a free iOS or Android App called FurReal Friends that your child can download. With the app, your little one can create delicious meals for her new four legged friend.

As she interacts with your child, she not only barks and walks, but she does other fun things, too! She wags her tail and she can sit. You know how a dog tilts their head to the side when you speak to them? Well, this toy does that, too!

The FurReal Friends Get Up and GoGo My Walkin Pup has blue eyes, a purple color and a pink bow. It’s a perfect toy for girls ages 4 and up, depending on when they lose interest in plush toys that interact with them.

Or, she can give the dog a bubble bath – without the offline mess it would create if you put a new real puppy in the bath.  This Hasbro toy is very plush – so she’s soft and fun to snuggle with.

Parents have said this toy is very lifelike, so your kids will love it. They don’t even have to use the leash – clapping your hands has the same effect to get it to walk. It moves perfectly on wood, tile or carpet floors – and if your child forgets to turn it off, that’s no problem – because it shuts off automatically so battery life isn’t wasted.

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Ubooly iPhone and iPod Interactive Pet



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UboolyOne of the biggest trends in kids entertainment is creating toys and devices that utilize smartphones and tablets to create an interactive experience.

A wide array of toys have been released and are due for release that depend on smartphones entirely for their functionality, and the rapid evolution of phone technology has allowed for increased experiences with interactivity. Ubooly is one such toy, and it is by far one of the cutest.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Ubooly is a loveable orange creature. He is a small, furry blob that only has a tummy, face, and a pair of inquisitive ears. To make the toy come to life, users must install the free app on their iPhone or iPad Touch and then insert it into the slot on top of his head. The screen displays his face and projects his voice.

The app itself is a learning creation that recognizes voice commands, tells stories and jokes, plays games, and requires love and care to remain happy. Regular updates are released every month that continue to bolster Ubooly’s repertoire and improve his learning capability.

3NEUThe app, which functions as his brain, is free, while the toy itself is $29.99.

Things We Like About This product

Many of the toys that incorporate smartphones that have been released are involved, expensive creations. Ubooly simplifies that and streamlines it down to the most basic idea, and it does so in the form of an adorable, little creature. He has the potential to teach kids valuable lessons in responsibility and care, all while entertaining them with his constantly-expanding knowledge base.

Because Apple iOS devices utilize standard, proprietary device programming and standards, it’s much easier to create devices such as Ubooly for only that platform. Since there are so many different types of devices that use Android, those device users are out of luck, at least for the time being.

2NEUUbooly only currently works with iPhones and iPad Touch devices, so owning one of them is a prerequisite to purchasing him. Aside from that, who wouldn’t want to buy such a loveable, smart, orange little monster?

Purchasers may return Ubooly within 30 days for a full refund, provided he is still in new condition.

With the functionality and potential for learning available in the free app, the $29.99 price tag for Ubooly himself is well worth it!

UboolyConsumers can purchase Ubooly from this link: , as well as other websites such as Amazon. The app is available exclusively through the iTunes App Store.

More Customer Reviews 

Within a simple plush exterior lies a cute, incredibly smart little creature. Kids and adults alike have fallen in love with Ubooly, offering up rave reviews every time anyone encounters him!

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Romo the Smartphone Robot



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Romo Smartphone RobotProduct Review – Romo Smartphone Robot

A huge number of toys and devices that utilize smartphones have already been released this year, and many more are on the way. While most of those toys incorporate smartphones in new and exciting ways, none of them convert the smartphones into actual robots.

Romo Smartphone Robot is the one exception. Installing the free app onto your iPhone or iPod Touch and then plugging the device into the Romo station transforms a lowly phone or MP3 player into a fun and lovable robot.

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Talking Tom Superstar Toy



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Talking Tom Superstar ToyProduct Review – Talking Tom Superstar Toy

Talking Friends is a facial editor and playback app widely popularly among kids. They can take pictures of themselves or friends, add all sorts of goofy features like handlebar mustaches, and then record messages which the app will play back in a variety of voices as though the edited face on the screen was saying it.

The app also includes various characters that play back what they hear in their own voice. Talking Tom Superstar Toy is one of those characters brought to life in the form of a lovable grey tomcat.

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Artsee Studio



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ArtSee StudioMillions of iPads have been sold over the last few years, and today’s children are among the most avid users of the device. As much as technology has evolved over the years, however, one thing has remained the same: kids still love to draw and color. Artsee Studio joins the two areas by letting kids do one of their oldest pastimes on a relatively new device.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Artsee Studio is both an app and a physical mount the iPad fits into. While not required to use the free app, the protective mount and included artistic tools definitely enhance the experience. The mount has a handle on the top, is rounded plastic that securely encases the iPad within, and has slots that securely hold all the included tools.

The tools include five stamps that all perform different functions, such as adding sound or animation, and a stylus that can be used as a pen, pencil, paint brush, and several others. The app itself is incredibly easy to use with all options labeled clearly. It includes a number of drawing templates, such as underwater and safari; kids can load the template, fill in the details, and then make those details come alive and make sounds!

The app is free, and the mount and drawing tools cost $39.99 with free shipping at the time of this review.

ArtSee StudioThings We Like About Artsee Studio

The fact that kids can draw, color, and create designs with an app specifically designed for them is good enough, but the fact that they can then add sounds and animation to their creations is definitely one of the coolest things about Artsee Studio. The mount and tools are also very well made, designed to keep iPads safely protected and secure without being cramped or restricting usage at all.

 There really is nothing to dislike about Artsee Studio! If anything, parents may want to oversee younger children as they use it. While the mounting case protects the iPad from falls and bumps, and the tools are rounded plastic designed for drawing, the screen is still open and vulnerable to scratching from any surrounding objects.


Artsee Studio is only compatible with all generations of the iPad, so ownership of said tablet is a prerequisite. After that, kids with a passion for drawing – which is most kids – will absolutely fall in love with it.


WowWee, the company behind Artsee Studio, offers a 30 day full refund for unopened products as well as a refund less 10% for opened products. The company will exchange any defective products for free, as well.

Considering the security of the mount and the plethora of functions performed by the numerous tools, the price tag is very reasonable.

ArtSee StudioThe app is available from Apple’s iTunes store, while the mount and tools package is only available from WowWee’s online store as well as Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Artsee Studio

At the time of this review, Artsee Studio is on backorder for the next month, and there is no greater testament to its popularity and potential than that!


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iFirehouse iPhone Case Review



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iFirehouse iPhone CaseAs the name suggests iFirehouse has been designed to work with iPad, iPods and iPhones. It’s an interactive app that allows children to own their own firehouse. As well as the app though, they have released an iFirehouse play case. The play case even comes with a little figurine of a fireman, a fire chief or a firehouse dog.

Each room in the iFirehouse has different activities and games for a child to play with. Such as:


•        Putting out fires, where the child can practise their fire fighting skills.

•        Feeding the dog

•        Playing hopscotch

•        Painting the firehouse, where children can choose what colours they want in each room.

•        Choosing their own fire trucks

The figurine that comes with the play case can also be put into the game by scanning the doll’s code. This allows children to interact with the digital version of their figures inside the app.

The iFirehouse app requires iOS 5.0 or later and can be played independently of the play case. This virtual firehouse dolls house allows children to take it with them where ever they go unlike traditional doll houses.

2NEUThe iFirehouse has 6 rooms with each room having interactive areas and options for the child to customize it. For example the photo frames shown in the background of the app can be changed to show a photo previously taken on the tablet.

The iFirehouse app costs just $0.99 from iTunes. The play case and its free figurine cost $19.99.

Aimed at young boys the iFirehouse is sure to be loved by any child with a love of fire trucks. Every small boy at some time or other has had a fascination for the big red trucks that zoom by with their sirens wailing. So this portable version of a fire station will be like owning their very own fire station.

Things we like 

What’s great about this is that unlike a lot of games, where the case is needed for the features to function properly. The iFirehouse app is all that the child needs to play this game.

Children growing up today are surrounded by technology and new games but the iFirehouse, while being played on an iPad still has the feel of being like a dolls house rather than just a new game. Also due to the fact that the iPad is portable children will be able to play with the iFirehouse app where ever they are. This will help parents on long journeys or flights to keep their children amused.

iFirehouseThe play case that is bought separately is a great way for children to be able to carry the iPad as the top of the case is a handle. This helps to protect the iPad as well as making it easier for children to handle.

The figure that comes free with the case and can be scanned to create a virtual version is fantastic as children’s friends can also scan their dolls into the game. This allows two children and their two scanned in virtual friends to play together.

Things we did not like about the iFirehouse

While the iFirehouse is a great interactive fire station its features such as washing the fire truck could get old quite fast. With some children preferring games that have more features that unlock as they play the game.

It is also only compatible with Apples iPhones and iPads. This means that other tablets will not be able to play the iFirehouse app. This could be a disappointment as it means children will not be able to play on other tablets.

Once you’ve bought it though it will be stored in your apple account so even if your iPad breaks the game will be able to transfer to a new iPad.

At only $0.99 for the app it’s defiantly worth the money. Allowing children to be able to play with their fire station no matter where they are.

iFirehouseThe iFirehouse app is available from apples iTunes for just $0.99.The play case made by AppVentures is available from This Link. 

More customer reviews 

Parents love the fact that although still being modern the iFirehouse is a great way for their children to enjoy the same sort of entertainment that they did while growing up. Its cheap price defiantly works in its favour as an app that’s less than a dollar is always a bonus. It’s a great way of blending the modern world with the traditional to make something both children and adults will appreciate.

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iDollhouse Review



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iDollhouseProduct Review – iDollhouse

One of the most rapidly growing trends with children’s toys is taking advantage of the exploding popularity of tablets and smartphones and designing toys that incorporate and work in conjunction with those devices.

A variety of toys that combine with tablets and smartphones are already available, and many more are slated for release in the near future.

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BotSee Tablet Stand Review



4NEUProduct Review – BotSee

While BotSee may just appear to be a tablet stand it is in fact much more than that. Each BotSee is uniquely made and they learn and evolve while children play with them, so each one develops their own personalities.

It’s designed to be able to hold almost all forms of tablets with its adjustable arms. Just download the app onto the tablet or iPad and then connect it to BotSee.

BotSee has many different game modes and can even be used on its own without the tablet. One of the games is a colouring game, at the start of this a black and white line drawing will appear. On this mode children have to show BotSee the colour they want.

For example if they show the yellow side of a cube, BotSee will colour in everything that’s yellow. If they show the red, then anything red will be coloured in.  This is a great way for children to learn their colours.

Another game is a food game, on this mode BotSee will display a picture of food, such as grapes, and the child has to show the corresponding picture. This type of interactive learning is not only great fun but helps with cognitive learning.

There is also a game mode all about the alphabet where children can hold up a card with the letter on and BotSee will say the letter and show a picture relevant to that letter. Or alternatively it will ask the child to find the card with the matching letter.

Another feature that’s been shown is a musical one where children can show BotSee an instrument and then hear it. This can be done with different instruments together to play songs. For example a saxophone, drums and a singer and BotSee will sing “the wheels on the bus” song.

How much?

As it is still in the early stages they have not yet released all the information about BotSee. So the price at this time is still unknown.


Who would buy the BotSee? 

BotSee is aimed at children ages 3 and up. It’s a great toy for any children before they start school to help their learning and coordination. With its different games children of different abilities can still enjoy it, from just simple colouring to more advanced alphabet work. 

Things we like about the BotSee 

One of the great things about BotSee is that as it works via the tablets camera there is no need for the child to touch the screen. This is great news for parents who often worry that their children could damage or break the screen.

BotSee is a great way to help children to learn while keeping them entertained. By turning its ear children can choose between the different interactive games. Helping them to learn their colours, alphabet, words and numbers in a fun way.

All the cards used to interact with BotSee can all be stored in a special case on the back of the stand. Just above this is a handle that can be used to transport BotSee. Another feature that kids are sure to love is that its face is expressional with moving eyebrows and eyes that change colour.

2NEUIt also talks to the child helping the child learn to pronounce the words and to feel that they are doing more than just playing with a toy.

Things we did not like about the BotSee

One downside to BotSee is that the cards and cubes that used to interact with it are made of paper. This might not be the best idea depending on the child using it as paper can normally be damaged quite easily. Also although it’s said to work independently to the app to get the full experience some form of iPad or tablet is needed. 


As yet there is no news on whether it will come with any type of guarantee.

Is the BotSee worth the money?

Due to the fact that as yet the price is unknown, it’s hard to say whether BotSee will be worth the money. However, as long as the price is reasonable, then it should be good value for money. 

5NEUWhere can I buy BotSee

BotSee should be available in August 2013 and should be available in most major toy stores. It will also be available on Amazon and on the WowWee website.

More customer reviews for the BotSee

As yet there are no reviews from people or parents whose child has played with BotSee. People do seem to be interested in it though as it’s a great way for parents to entertain their children while still providing them with a learning experience. Photos of BotSee that have been released show that this stand is both practical while being cute. The fact that its arms adjust to fit different sized tablets is also good as it means parents can use their existing tablets no matter what brand they are.

By Joe Conde

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