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VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch for Kids Product Review

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is targeted at the more intelligent kids that enjoy smart toys and gadgets, and for those who are not yet ready for a smartphone. The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is a smartwatch that tells time, takes photos and videos, and much more.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Parents are also becoming more adept in providing toys and gadgets that will match their kid’s growing intelligence, as kids are getting smarter and smarter. It is logical therefore that they will veer towards toys that are multi-functional: something they can play and have fun with, while learning at the same time. The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch fits nicely under this category.

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is available in several bright colors, kids will enjoy choosing what color to go for. Aside from green, pink, blue and white, the colors Camouflage, Sky Blue and Vivid Violet are also available for online purchases. There are also more than 50 clock face designs to choose from and alternate with. You can easily match your kid’s personality with the right watch.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch But more than telling time, we are impressed at the additional features that The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch has to offer. One of them is how it can take photos and record videos and voice files. The camera also comes with photo effects, filters and frames that children can play with to come up with photo masterpieces.

Since it is a smartwatch, you can expect your kids to learn from it, thanks to the four learning games that come with it. The good thing is that you will not be limited to these four games, since you can download more from the Learning Lodge.

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch it is splash-proof and sweat proof, so durability is not going to be a problem. It means your kids can use it and play with it under different circumstances, and it won’t have any problems at all.

You can count on Vtech Kids to come out with products of excellent quality. But they also offer more protection, such as a 3-month warranty against defective workmanship and materials.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch can do so much more than tell time, and it is really designed for kids. You will not regret spending your money on this one. Electronic learning tools can be functional, so you’ll get the best of both worlds from the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch.

VTech has partnered with Amazon who has established itself as a reputable retailer and obtained the trust of millions of buyers all over the globe. They offer discounts, promotions, and usually include free shipping. This clearly makes them one of the best options for online purchases.

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Despicable Me Minion Dave Product Review

Despicable Me Minion Dave is an adorable 8-inch talking minion which will definitely remind you about all the things that you loved in the movie.Despicable Me Minion Dave Having the words “adorable” and “despicable” in one sentence may be weird, but the Despicable Me Minion Dave Is truly adorable.

The Despicable Me Minion Dave became popular when the movies were released and everybody loved the Minions. Their merchandise is selling like hot cakes, so loyal fans will line up to purchase official and authentic Minions products, and this toy is definitely one of those.

Despicable Me Minion Dave The Despicable Me Minion Dave talks. Although no one really understands what the minions say more than half the time, we cannot help but admit that we find them adorable the moment they open their mouths, and it is no different with this one.
The original voice from the movie is used to say over 55 Minion sayings as well as other sound special effects. To make him talk and express various emotions and expressions, all you have to do is press his pocket.

At 8 inches, the Despicable Me Minion Dave is just the right size for kids. It is also soft to the touch, so cuddling with him is a delight. And it is like having an actual minion for a pet, because you can also “feed” him, thanks to the Banana Mode. Here’s another thing: you can even make him fart. You will find yourself laughing and singing along with him.

Despicable Me Minion Dave Despicable Me Minion Dave is available from Amazon who has established itself as a reputable retailer and obtained the trust of millions of buyers all over the globe. They offer discounts, promotions, and usually include free shipping. This clearly makes them one of the best options for online purchases.

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Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle N Swing Product Review

The Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle N Swing is a unique take on being “hands on” with taking care of your baby: it involves a smartphone, and the Smart Connect Cradle ‘n Swing from Fisher Price.

the Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle N Swing The Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle N Swing sells for $200.00, and combines a smart phone, a swing and a rocker in an innovative and creative way. Parents always welcome new ways to take care of their babies, and technology has introduced many innovations over the years. Price is proportional to functionality, so The Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle N Swing represents a good investment for your child.

Almost everything is controlled by smartphones these days, and it is nice to see that a rocker for your baby is one of them. The Cradle ‘N Swing is not just a rocker that will gently rock to put your baby to sleep. It is also a swing that has two motions: it can swing from side to side, or from head to toe.
This is thanks to Fisher-Price’s SmartSwing technology, which also lets you pick the speed and intensity of swinging. It is also a recliner, perfect for when your baby prefers to just remain still while in a relaxed reclining position.

the Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle N Swing But that is not all. The Cradle ‘N Swing is also built in with 16 songs that will lull your baby to sleep, and also a variety of nature sounds to engage him or her. If you want something to distract your baby, you can simply turn on the overhead mobile with lights.
The best part? You do not have to manually work switches, because you can control everything using your smartphone, or any smart device. This is due to the Free Smart Connect app that comes with the product.

With the Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle N Swing you get multiple functionality with one product, but you are just paying for one. Be a practical parent and invest on the Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle N Swing for your baby today!the Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle N Swing

Fisher Price has partnered with Amazon which is clearly one of the best online stores. They offer discounts, promotions, and usually include free shipping. Think of all the words that your child will

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The Egg Attack Iron Man Product Review

The Egg Attack Iron Man Egg Attack Iron Man  has been released with a magnetic version to give you a floating figure on your desktop. It will cost around the $200 mark, but there are quite a few options and variations.

The main feature of the Egg Attack Iron Man is how it actually levitates! Turn the Mark II to flying mode, and The Iron Man 3 Mark II will start floating.

The levitation base itself glows thanks to the combined electromagnetic forces which keep the Iron Man in balance, and makes the floating effect look even more impressive.

Who doesn’t love Iron Man? The Egg Attack series is particularly popular, and the addition of the Mark II is a much welcome news to fans of the franchise, or even to avid toy collectors – yes, even those who are not Iron Man fans.

Egg Attack Iron ManThe Egg Attack Iron Man 3 is designed with great attention to detail and the quality and finish are excellent. The details are impressive, from the joints to the armor, even to the air deflector when it is on flying mode. Beast Kingdom has high quality standards when it comes to its products and collectibles, and the Egg Attack Iron Man 3 Mark II has that same mark of quality.

The  Egg Attack Iron Man 3 is a little pricey, but when you consider the features and the cutting-edge technology used to make it happen, It is a bit of gear well worth considering. The mere thought of the Mark II floating above your desk is enough to bring a smile to your face, and that means it is worth buying!

Beast Kingdom has hit the sweet spot with the Egg Attack Iron Man 3, which is considered to be the first ever simulation of the character. Be among the first to own one. At around 7 inches, the Egg Attack Iron Man 3 is is just the right size not all that small, but it’s not too big, either.

Egg Attack Iron Man You may order the Egg Attack Iron Man 3 directly from the manufacturer. But your best option is Amazon, as it is one of the best and most reliable places to purchase, and you also get free Shipping.

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IO Hawk Self Balancing Segway Product Review

The IO Hawk is a great concept, combining the functionality of two devices, a Segway, and a skateboard. These days, personal mobility devices are gaining more attention, and the Segway is one of them.

However, most of these devices lack the excitement that something like a skateboard brings, so the IO Hawk addresses this gap.IO Hawk

Users would like the excitement that a skateboard brings, but also want the novelty of  the Segway, so people who want these two devices, but are not willing to spend on two items separately, will definitely want the IO Hawk for themselves.

The IO Hawk is a self-balancing device that combines two functionalities in one package: as a skateboard and as a Segway.

The IO Hawk retails for around $1,400 but there are cheaper versions available. Anyone who wants the latest gear and enjoys a skateboard would be interested in this product.

IO Hawk

The dual functionality is what sets it apart from other personal mobility devices. It is a Segway, and it is also a skateboard. It’s getting two devices while paying for only one!

When it comes to mobility, the IO Hawk delivers. Its wide range of motion allows you to roll forward and backward. It also responds easily to even the slightest change of pressure from your body, particularly your feet. No steering or switching necessary.

The silent operation of this self-balancing device makes it ideal for those who value stealth. No one wants to ride on something that roars and growls, right? The addition of rear lights is also much appreciated, since they act as a safety precaution that complements the quiet operation .

IO HawkLike a skateboard, it is also very easy to carry around. It weighs only 22 pounds, considerably lighter than other mobility devices. This lightness also contributes to its speed, which can reach up to 6 meters per hour.

Those who are particular about style will also like how they can choose from three available colors of this motorized device. Aside from classic black, it also comes in red and white colors.

It is still too early to tell if the IO Hawk has major let downs in its features. So far, we like what we see. It is IO Hawkcovered by a limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The IO Hawk is a state of the art innovative product,and the mere fact that it is a two-in-one deal makes it a good buy.

The IO Hawk is currently available for sale in various accredited online stores. Amazon is one of the best online marketplaces where you can get your IO Hawk. You may even avail of their Free Shipping as well as other discounts.

There is no longer a need to purchase a Segway and a skateboard separately. With the IO Hawk, you can enjoy these two devices without the excessive expense!

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Zoomer Robot Dog Review



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ZoomerZoomer is the new robotic dog from Spin Master that looks like a Dalmatian puppy. To date it is the most advanced robo-dog that there’s been.

Zoomer is fully articulated and interactive, and best of all while looking and acting like a real puppy, it is mess free. No trips to the vets or walks every day, no toilet training, completely hypoallergenic and no responsibility.

With its fully articulated limbs Zoomer has a full range of motion, and with its ‘ball paws’ it can be used on any surface. It can also act and move just like a real playful puppy, wagging its tail, rolling around and crouching. Its LED eyes can track movements across the room turn into hearts when “I love you” is said. This toy also has voice activated commands and can learn when he is played with.

This adorable dog robot  will retail for around $150. Zoomer

It is aimed at any one 5 years and older. Although primarily aimed at younger children they also appeal to whole families.

Zoomer has around 30 trainable commands, including “here boy”, “play ball”, “speak”, “look at me”, and many more. This is great fun for children who want a pet dog but who are still too young for the responsibility of a real dog. The more that he is played with the more he will learn, he will also learn to recognize his owners.

One of the cutest features of Zoomer is that he has sensors on his belly so responds to a belly run by rolling over and showing hearts in his LED eyes. He can also play dead, when he does this he appears to fall over and his eyes become X’s. It even goes to the toilet on command, lifting his back leg and even making sounds.

Just like a real dog, if he’s left alone he will go and explore the room and find things to play with and look at.

ZoomerOne downside to Zoomer is that a full charge, that takes 30 minutes, will only give 20-40 minutes of play time. So if a child wants to play they will only be able to play in 20-40 minute segments rather than a long play session. On the upside it can be charged with either a USB or AC meaning you can plug him in almost anywhere.

Although $150 may seem expensive at first glance, with all of Zoomers features and tricks the price is not as bad as it first seems. It’s also much cheaper than the alternative of a real dog.

ZoomerWhen displayed at the New York Toy Fair children and adults alike were falling in love with this interactive puppy.

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Imaginext Apptivity Fortress Review



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Imaginext Aptivity FortressProduct Review – Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

A rising trend in kid’s toys is combining electronic features with real world toys. Many toy manufacturers have taken notice of the exploding tablet market and have designed toys to incorporate them. The results are some of the most immersive and fun toys for children ever released.

The Imaginext Apptivity Fortress is one such toy that connects to iPads (compatibility with other tablet types has not been announced yet) and uses it to create a medieval world for the child to explore. With it, kids can roam around the castle halls, visit with the king, fight orcs and trolls, fly on their own dragon over the mountains of the kingdom, and even engage in two-player duels with friends and family. The connected app is still in relatively early development but already has a wealth of games and places to explore, and it’s a sure bet that Fisher Price will keep expanding them.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The base of the Apptivity Fortress is a classic-looking castle. It includes two detachable cannons and a fully armored knight with sword at the ready. Even without the iPad, kids can spend hours pretending to defend their keep from evil hordes of knights, dragons, ogres, or any other enemy. The two cannons can be placed on top of each of the two towers, and one can be plugged into the flat base in the front where the iPad interactivity takes place.

After installing the free app, the iPad is placed in a mount which only displays the screen. Because the screen is surrounded by the castle, kids are able to greatly increase their immersion. The fortress operates in both horizontal and vertical modes, both with fun and unique games to play and places to check out. Vertical mode is where the attached cannon comes into play with enemies Imaginext Apptivity Fortressapproaching on the screen and kids fighting them back. It is controlled by only a single button with one on each side to accommodate left and right handed kids. In horizontal mode, the screen folds down flat, and kids can walk or fly around the castle actually using their knight on the screen.

There is so much to do in the fortress, it would be hard to list it all, and the amount only promises to grow!

How Much?

Tthe Imaginext Apptivity Fortress will have a suggested retail price of $80. The app will be free to download, though, of course, consumers will require an iPad to download it onto. Individuals can also purchase additional characters, the Archer, Troll, and Wizard, each of which will unlock additional games and areas and will cost $9.99Things We Like About Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

Millions of parents have purchased iPads over the last few years, and many of those parents have been quite understandably apprehensive about letting their younger children play with them. The Apptivity Fortress takes a stab at solving that problem and succeeds quite admirably. It is rated for kids from 3 to 7, and its design and simplicity reflect that.

Fisher Price designed the app to operate as intuitively as possible, and children will be able to play without any learning curve. The two-player dueling feature is also excellent as it allows parents and friends to engage with their kids. With the amount of potential activities already included, the Apptivity Fortress promises to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Imaginext Apptivity FortressThings We Did Not Like About Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

It is unclear as of yet whether the fortress will include any sort of screen protector for the attached iPad. If not, purchasers may want to invest in one themselves to protect against any potential scratching from kids pulling the plastic knight across it (the knight is made of plastic with rounded edges, but with a device as costly as the iPad, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry).

Who Would Buy Imaginext Apptivity Fortress?

Since the fortress works exclusively with the iPad, owners with younger kids will have the most interest.


The fortress is being released by Fisher Price, one of the largest and most reputable toy companies in the world, and covered by their standard guarantee.

 Is Imaginext Apptivity Fortress Worth the Money?

For those who already own an iPad, the $49.99 price tag for the fortress is very reasonable. It’d be hard to imagine someone purchasing an iPad exclusively to use with it, though.



Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

Where Can I Buy Imaginext Apptivity Fortress?

The fortress will be available from all major toy and department stores such as Walmart, Target and online retailers such as Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Imaginext Apptivity Fortress

So many iPads are owned by parents of younger children, and those parents are very excited about the release of the Imaginext Apptivity Fortress. It promises to be one of the most popular toys of the fall season!


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Rescue Bots Beam Box from Transformers Review

Transformers Beam Box


Rescue Bots Beam BoxRescue Bots Beam BoxProduct Review from Transformers

The Rescue Bots Beam Box series is a spin-off of the main Transformers series that caters more towards a younger audience. The series teaches such lessons as non violent conflict resolution, teamwork and cooperation, friendship, and various other values.

The Transformers: Rescue Bots Beam Box game system is, at its heart, a video game console system that allows children from 3 to 7 years old take control of their favorite Bots and help them progress through various mini-games.


The Rescue Bots Beam Box console is not like any video game console that has been released to date. It is the first to be specifically designed for preschoolers and toddlers, and its features reflect that. The actual console appears to be a loading dock, and the game cartridges are Transformers robots (as opposed to regular square cartridges).

Kids plug their Transformer of choice into the loading dock, hit the loading button on the top to close the gate, and their Transformer gets beamed the television screen! The controller is wireless and consists of only a directional button and a single action button.

Rescue Bots Beam BoxSince the set is designed for a young audience, Playskool intends for it to be as accessible as possible. With that in mind, the initial Rescue Bots Beam Box, which includes Optimus Prime, is only $49.99, and each subsequent Transformer is only $6.99.

Things We Like About Rescue Bots Beam Box

Kids will find the experience of plugging their favorite Transformer into the loading dock and then watching it appear on the screen amazing, and the all-encompassing simplicity is great. The set hooks up to TVs with ease, and kids will find the learning curve to actually play to be nearly non existent.

It’s hard to find anything to dislike about the set, considering how perfectly it’s designed for younger kids. The only potential problem may be that many parents have been searching for ways to keep their kids off the television instead of making it even more appealing.

Rescue Bots Beam BoxThe Rescue Bots Beam Box can connect to any television, and, while the mini-games are single player, families can make playtime into a group experience with parents side-seat gaming.

The average age of gamers has progressively increased, and the majority of video game connoisseurs now have children of their own. Hesitant to expose their kids to the hyper-violent games of today, many of those parents will likely welcome a way to share their love of video games with their kids.

Considering the initial investment for your Rescue Bots Beam Box is only $50, and is the only video game console system specifically designed for young children, and subsequent games are only $7, It is certainly worth the money

Rescue Bots Beam BoxThe Rescue Bots Beam Box has partnered with Amazon which is clearly one of the best online stores. They offer discounts, promotions, and usually include free shipping.

More Customer Reviews for Rescue Bots Beam Box

Despite the fact that the Rescue Bots Beam Box system is due to be released in the fall of 2013, customer anticipation is already high. Parents, kids, and video game enthusiasts are excited to discover what lies ahead!

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Sesame Street PAL product Review

Sesame Street Pal


Sesame Street PalProduct Review for the Sesame Street PAL

The Sesame Street PAL (play and learning) system uses peoples existing tablets (such as iPads) and turns them into a hands on learning experience. Designed for toddlers and young children, its interactive format helps you to educate and entertain your kids.

Made by Hasbro along with Sesame Workshop (a non-profit educational organization) it will be launched along side a whole new range of Sesame Street products. The PAL system features a case, which the tablet can be inserted into making it safe and fun. Simply buy the case and download the app and then let your children explore a world full of exciting and informative videos and games.

How Much?

The Sesame Street Pal will retail at around $39.99 for the case and interactive magnifying glass. Additional interactive tools will be sold separately.

Sesame Street PalWho would buy the Sesame Street PAL?

The new Sesame Street PAL is aimed at young children and pre-schoolers so would be a great buy for anyone with young children. If you want to give them something that helps them to learn while they explore and play.

Things we like about the Sesame Street PAL

Its safety case to enclose the tablet is great for protecting your tablet, with rubber-protected corners and a stand. It can also be used to hide the menu button so your child can’t acidently get onto other apps or programs. There are also two different cases you can buy depending on which tablet you have.

Sesame Street PalThings we don’t like about the Sesame Street PAL

Due to the fact that it’s not yet been released, it’s hard to say what the individual features are like. One downside so far, is the fact that all the accessories, which make the games more interactive, are all sold separately. The other, is that it only works with a tablet or iPad, so if you don’t own one you can’t use the system. Also the app is only available on android and iOS.


Again, due to the fact it’s still not on sale it’s unknown at this time what the guarantee will be on the PAL system.

Is the Sesame Street PAL worth the money?

Retailing at $39.99 it seems to be good value for money. When it comes to your child’s education this is a great tool to helping them learn while they play. It’s also a great way just to keep them occupied if you have something like a long car journey as the PAL and your tablet are portable.

Sesame Street PalWhere can I buy the Sesame Street PAL?

The PAL will be available on leading online stores, such as It will also be available in most major children’s toy stores.

Customer reviews of the Sesame Street PAL

Since it has not yet been released there are no reviews from people who have tried the Sesame Street PAL. That being said however there are lots of people talking about the PAL, and other new Hasbro Sesame Street collections, and they are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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Little Live Pets Bird Cage with 2 Birds

Little Live Pets Bird Cage with 2 BirdsKids love pets, but few understand the responsibility of caring for them. The little Live Pets Bird Cage with 2 Birds is a great gift released this year that solves the problem.

The Little Live Pets Bird Cage with 2 Birds  features Romeo and Juliet as the two love-birds. These pets don’t have to be fed or have the bottoms of their cage cleaned – because they’re just animated fake pets!

The birds fit in the palm of your hand and they make cute little noises like bird tweets and chirps – and they whistle like real birds, too! Your child can even use the built in recording device (on the chest of the birds) to record ten seconds of sounds they want their birds to make.

This is just like real birds who learn to mimic the sayings of their real life pet owners. And kids find this feature very fun because they hear it talk back to them. The two love birds can come out of their cage or stay in it.

The Little Live Pets Bird Cage with 2 Birds  is very colorful – and it cane be easily carried around from place to place. The perch inside the cage is perfect for the birds to sit on and they can use the swing to move back and forth.

The birds will respond to your child whenever you touch them, and kids love to hold them in the palm of their hands. If the birds are happy, they’ll whistle a neat song for your child.

When they’re located inside of the bird cage together, the birds will snuggle each other and make cute little bird noises. The more they get played with and taken care of, the happier they are and the more the respond.

The Little Live Pets Bird Cage with 2 Birds comes with everything you need – including two triple A batteries, which are required, so you may want to get a few backup batteries in case they run out and your child’s birds stop responding.

 This is a great starter pet toy for your little ones. It’s colorful, active and portable. It’s also a great way to see if your child is ready for a real pet, depending on how attentive they are to the toy version.

Birds are always adorable for kids, but real ones can be fragile. These love birds are better options for younger kids who want to enjoy the feeling of having a pet, but aren’t ready for the extra responsibility.

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By Joe Conde