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Battroborg VS Pack Arena



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The easiest way to explain what these Bottroborgs are, is to say that their some sort of hybrid cross between “rock ‘em sock ‘em” and a wii. These boxing robots are very similar to previous battling robot but with one major difference.

Rather than controlling them with buttons or levers, these little guys work with a wii style nun chuck controller. So if the player wants their robot to punch, they have to punch too. The controller registers the players punch and the robot will immediately copy the same move.

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Attacknids Spider Robot Review



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Attacknids Spider Robot

Attacknids Spider Robot Review

What more could any boy want than a fighting spider battle robot? The new Attacknids are just that, remote controlled spider robots that even blast disks or balls around 10 meters. With fully synchronised walking actions these things really do scutter around like their arachnid brothers.

They were originally designed by inventor Jamie Mantzel from Vermont, who had a dream of making fighting robots. After failing to gain any luck with American toy companies, it wasn’t long until the British toy company ‘Wow! Stuff’ hooked up with Jamie to produce these Combat Creatures.

They are the first of the Combat Creatures, being fully remote controlled with 360 degree rotation. Just 10 inches tall these Attacknids can be played with on their own,  or played against each other and can even be played in battles by the hundreds.

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The Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Transformer Review



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Cybertron Metroplex TransformerProduct Review – The Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Transformer

The Transformers series, which is about a race of sentient machines that are able to transform into the shape of any vehicle they scan of comparable size and mass, has been one of the most popular sci-fi series of the last nearly-30 years. The series has spawned numerous cartoon shows, movies, video games, toys, and more.

The Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Transformer is the largest of all Transformers in the entire series and has repeatedly been voted by fans as one of the coolest of the entire cast, and in honor of the series’ 30 year anniversary, Hasbro is releasing Metroplex in grand fashion.

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