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The InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car Product Review

The InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car is designed to offer your kids hours of fun and games. It is an amazing play car designed for kids, and they will enjoy the experience of driving a real truck, as it has realistic side-view mirrors, a built-in windshield, and the truck bed is roomy enough to accommodate children of all ages.

InStep Fire Truck Pedal CarChildren are free to lift the hood and come close to realistic truck “engine”, and the rugged large tires add up to the excitement, as the tires make it possible to operate the InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car in different environments and terrains.

Features of The InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car

  • Roomy Truck Bed. This is large enough space to accommodate your kid. Your kids can therefore enjoying driving with comfort.
  • Easy maneuverability. This is made possible with the large wheels. Children can drive with smooth and quiet movement in any given terrain. The tires have been specifically rugged to be used for easy off-road driving.
  • Solid steel frame. The steel frame has authentic detailing that brings back the old memories. The frame makes the toy easy and safe to play with.
  • Adjustable pedal drive. With this feature, it is possible to drive wide range of children as long as the 70-pound weight limit is not reached.


  • Safe to use
  • Durable


  • Old fashioned


One of the recent customers who purchased the InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car said, “This play car is well made. I bought it about three months ago and the experience with my son is just awesome. It is heavy duty and beautiful.”

The InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car is designed for kids of all ages. It can be used by toy collectors, girls and boys. It is a great way for kids to stimulate their weird imaginations and get hours of fun.

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Air Pogo Extreme Product Review

Air Pogo ExtremeThe Air Pogo Extreme concept is not new. Pogo sticks of one form or another have been around for years. If your children like the outdoors, and you are looking at developing their interest in physical activities, you should consider getting the Air Pogo Extreme.

Defying the laws of gravity is a thought that is relished by many, not just kids, and with the Air Pogo Extreme, this is actually possible. You can bounce, swing, twist, twirl, fly, float, jump and spring, have some quality family bonding, and and have a lot of fun with the Air Pogo.

The Air Pogo Extreme sells for about $160, and although it is true that Air Pogo Extreme is designed to be suitable for ages 5 to 10, it can even be used by older individuals who are looking for a fun toy to play with.

Air Pogo ExtremeThe Air Pogo has a weight limit of 200 lbs, which means teens and adults can play with it, not just the 5- to 10-year-olds! This is a very good thing, since it can be used for group plays and activities.

The most common problem that people encounter with toys of this nature is the difficulty in setting it up. Not with the Air Pogo Extreme, though, because setting it up is very easy and straightforward. It takes little time to set it up and use it. In no time at all, you’ll have your kids swinging and bouncing from the ground!

The fun colors of the Air Pogo Extreme also add an element of fun to it. You can choose between one with a green trim and one with a blue trim. The set already comes with Pogo Dots stickers that you can use to personalize the design.

This is a versatile toy, since you can set it up by simple suspending it from a tree limb, or any sturdy overhead support. If you have a wooden swing or a deck, you may also suspend it from there with no problems at all. Just make sure there is a minimum height of 8.5 feet.

We cannot think of anything to complain about the Air Pogo Extreme at the moment.

Air Pogo ExtremeExtreme fun from an exceptionally simple concept – that is what you will get from the Air Pogo Extreme, and that is also what makes it a great buy!

You have the option of buying Air Pogo Extreme direct from the manufacturer, or from accredited sellers and authorized dealers. Another option would be to head directly to Amazon and place your orders there. There are great chances of scoring it at a huge discount, and even saving more money, thanks to their Free Shipping program!

The accolades and praises are more than enough reason to give this toy a chance. Purchasing the award-winning Air Pogo Extreme may be one of the best toy buys you will ever make!

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IO Hawk Self Balancing Segway Product Review

The IO Hawk is a great concept, combining the functionality of two devices, a Segway, and a skateboard. These days, personal mobility devices are gaining more attention, and the Segway is one of them.

However, most of these devices lack the excitement that something like a skateboard brings, so the IO Hawk addresses this gap.IO Hawk

Users would like the excitement that a skateboard brings, but also want the novelty of  the Segway, so people who want these two devices, but are not willing to spend on two items separately, will definitely want the IO Hawk for themselves.

The IO Hawk is a self-balancing device that combines two functionalities in one package: as a skateboard and as a Segway.

The IO Hawk retails for around $1,400 but there are cheaper versions available. Anyone who wants the latest gear and enjoys a skateboard would be interested in this product.

IO Hawk

The dual functionality is what sets it apart from other personal mobility devices. It is a Segway, and it is also a skateboard. It’s getting two devices while paying for only one!

When it comes to mobility, the IO Hawk delivers. Its wide range of motion allows you to roll forward and backward. It also responds easily to even the slightest change of pressure from your body, particularly your feet. No steering or switching necessary.

The silent operation of this self-balancing device makes it ideal for those who value stealth. No one wants to ride on something that roars and growls, right? The addition of rear lights is also much appreciated, since they act as a safety precaution that complements the quiet operation .

IO HawkLike a skateboard, it is also very easy to carry around. It weighs only 22 pounds, considerably lighter than other mobility devices. This lightness also contributes to its speed, which can reach up to 6 meters per hour.

Those who are particular about style will also like how they can choose from three available colors of this motorized device. Aside from classic black, it also comes in red and white colors.

It is still too early to tell if the IO Hawk has major let downs in its features. So far, we like what we see. It is IO Hawkcovered by a limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The IO Hawk is a state of the art innovative product,and the mere fact that it is a two-in-one deal makes it a good buy.

The IO Hawk is currently available for sale in various accredited online stores. Amazon is one of the best online marketplaces where you can get your IO Hawk. You may even avail of their Free Shipping as well as other discounts.

There is no longer a need to purchase a Segway and a skateboard separately. With the IO Hawk, you can enjoy these two devices without the excessive expense!

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Max Tow Truck

Max Tow TruckThe Max Tow Truck has real towing ability, and  is what’s going to be hot this Christmas, as It can push and pull up to 200 pounds!

Tow trucks have come a long way. Remember when you were little and your parents bought you one of those clunky metal tow trucks and you got so excited? Well it was nothing like what kids today have the chance to own.

Obstacles? There are no obstacles for this tow truck because it just climbs right over anything in its path. You can load up the tow truck and watch it get to work transporting your items.

But the Max Tow Truck is no ordinary vehicle. This tow truck talks. It has more than fifty phrases it can say, and it includes sound effects to make playtime more fun, too. Kids around age six and up will love Max the Tow Truck.

You don’t have to use the Max Tow Truck for towing, either. You can have fun racing him around or make him crash into things – or through obstacles. It’s a really fun all in one vehicle that kids will love.

As with most toys in this technology age, the fun doesn’t stop with offline playtime. There are apps you can use to have even more fun. You can bring his world alive and play with him in a virtual setting, too.

There’s even an option to bring your room into the virtual world and watch Max drive around your room in the virtual world. It lets you customize him more, too – like his color, if you don’t want him to be red.

If you have a little red wagon, there’s a chain attached to the Max Tow Truck that will latch onto the wagon and it will tow your child’s belongings wherever he wants them to go.

You know what this means, right? Your child can get into the wagon and have Max tow him around. Just make sure all safety precautions are in place. If Max encounters anything that you think it can’t get past, put him in turbo mode and watch him rev up his power for you to get past it!

Now there is one thing parents need to be aware of. This toy requires six C batteries, so make sure you stock up on those if you think your child might use Max to the limit. You might even want to get rechargeable batteries for good measure.

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By Joe Conde

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