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The Scooby Doo LEGO Sets Product Features and Review

The Scooby Doo LEGO Sets is one of the recent LEGO products that features our favorite characters from the Scooby Gang in different settings.

 Scooby Doo LEGO setsFans of all ages of Scooby Doo and the gang will want to follow their adventures, even if it is only through The Scooby Doo LEGO Sets. It has been proven that building blocks and bricks are some of the most preferred toys for kids because of their ability to develop a child’s intelligence even at a very young age.

Currently, there are five Scooby Doo LEGO sets, with different prices. The Mummy Museum Mystery Set is the cheapest, at $15, followed by the Mystery Plane Adventures set and The Mystery Machine set, costing $20 and $30, respectively. Meanwhile, the Haunted Lighthouse set is priced at $50. The most expensive among them is the Mystery Mansion set, which has a price tag of $90.

Scooby Doo LEGO setsThe creators of the Scooby Doo LEGO sets should be praised for coming out with more than one set. We all know about the different adventures that the Scooby Gang get into, and it would have been a travesty to have only one option. We get five, which means we get five adventures to choose from!

The level of difficulty of the sets also varies, so parents can choose the one that will be most suitable for their kids. If they are just getting started on LEGO sets, then they can choose the simpler set, such as the Museum Mystery set. If they are looking for something more advanced or complicated, they can just choose any of the others.

The sets feature iconic characters and machinery. Aside from Scooby Doo himself, we have Shaggy, Fred and Velma mini-figures, as well as their Mystery Machine van. There is even a giant Scooby Snack!

We all love Scooby Doo, and we love LEGO. It goes without saying that we can’t see anything to dislike about these sets.

Scooby Doo LEGO setsThe Scooby Doo LEGO Sets are a collaboration between LEGO and Warner Bros., which basically means that the quality standards are high, so you will not be disappointed. With sveral options to choose from, you can easily take your pick among the brick sets. The hours of fun and learning that can be enjoyed while playing with these sets makes every cent count. Yes, you can now fulfill your wish to be part of the mystery-solving gang, thanks to the Scooby Doo LEGO sets.

Look for the Scooby Doo LEGO sets in all stores that sell official LEGO products. However, more and more people these days prefer shopping online. For authenticity and quality, you can trust Amazon to deliver every single time. They also offer Free Shipping to make your purchase more beneficial.

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The Spin Master Sick Bricks Product Review

The latest toy release from Spin Master are the Sick Bricks, where your classic building blocks get the mobile gaming treatment. They are toys as well as collectibles, which make them a must-have for a lot of enthusiasts.

Sick BricksThe Sick Bricks are not just toys, but also collectibles. Kids that love collecting figures and characters will get a kick out of completing all characters from the Sick Bricks collection.

Parents always turn to building blocks to facilitate the learning process for their children, and the Sick Bricks are better than your usual building blocks as they integrate a mobile app which makes them are more interactive.

The Sick Bricks are available as individual figures, each selling for $2.50. They are also available them in packs, where two-packs may be purchased for $4. Get five figures in a pack, and you will pay only $9.00. There are also larger aliens and monsters as well as vehicles that may be purchased at prices ranging from $7.00 to $17.00.

Sick BricksHarry Fangface. Vlad Von Vein. Smokey Burns. Officer Kuffowitz. Silent Shadow. These are only a few of the figures or characters that comprise the Sick Bricks line. Surprisingly, they each have their own personality, and that is thanks to the high quality design of the bricks.

If your kids are imaginative enough, they can play around with the bricks, switching the building blocks around to come up with unique characters.

But what truly caught our attention about the Sick Bricks is how the figures can be brought into the Sick City mobile game. In short, the physical toys are transformed into digital characters. Your goal: to save the Bricks’ home, Sick City, from attach by the evil Overlord Omega.

Avid collectors are likely to look for more characters and figures, finding the current crop to be quite limited. Not to worry, though, because Spin Master looks set to release more and expand the line with more characters in the future.Sick Bricks
Spin Master products are always recognized for their high quality and great amount of detail. And we appreciate how users have the option to purchase the pieces individually or in packs, and how they are reasonably priced. The Sick Bricks will be enjoyed by kids all over.

Sick Bricks are available on line, but amongst the online retailers, Amazon always comes first rated for having very good customer support, and it’s generosity with perks and deals that will favor customers. Free Shipping is one of them and gets your stuff home for free.

Get these one of a kind building bricks and make the most of the experience by turning them into digital toys!

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The LEGO Jurassic World Sets Product Review

The LEGO Jurassic World is a new addition from LEGO, which means you can build your own prehistoric park, filled with your favorite dinosaurs! You can pretty much relive your favorite adventures from the films, and maybe even create your own!

LEGO Jurassic WorldThe prices for the various LEGO Jurassic World sets vary in price, but they range from $20 to $130. You can choose from Pteranodon Capture, Dilophosaurus Ambush, Raptor Rampage, T.Rex Tracker, Indominus Rex Breakout, and Raptor Escape.

Anyone who grew up playing with LEGO will enjoy this new release, as well as fans of the Jurassic Park films. The LEGO Jurassic World set is very effective in developing and improving the motor skills and creativity of children, even at an early age. These bricks have always been successful in stirring kid’s imagination, and parents would appreciate how it is combined with the Jurassic Park theme.

We like the variety on offer. Currently, there are 6 sets to choose from, each with their unique offerings, and we can only hope that they will add more sets in the future.

LEGO Jurassic WorldThe sets come with different concepts. For example, the Pteranodon Capture involves putting together the Jurassic One helicopter, while the Dilophosaurus Ambush has a Jurassic World 4×4. Even the mobile vet unit is getting a LEGO treatment in the Raptor Rampage.

Aside from the vehicles and the dinosaurs, the sets also come with character mini figures that are straight out of the movie, such as ACU troopers, Simon Masrani, Gray, Owen and Claire, to name a few. You will get to relive your favorite scenes from the movie with these figures!

The sets, when formed, are just the right size. They’re not too big as to take too much space, and not too small, either. Some kids may have difficulty putting it together the first time, but the building process is still relatively easy.

LEGO Jurassic WorldTrust LEGO to always uphold its high standards when it comes to its products. You can rest assured that you will be paying for quality when you get authentic LEGO products. Many customers say that the prices for the LEGO Jurassic World sets are quite affordable, and we wholeheartedly agree.

The sets are all available at the LEGO shop, and practically anywhere that sells LEGO products. If you prefer making your purchases online, however, there is no site better than Amazon. They have very good customer service, and they also offer Free Shipping with the products they sell. With that alone, you can save tens of dollars in shipping and handling!

The Jurassic World sets are some of the best themed sets that LEGO has come up with in recent years, and you shouldn’t miss out on the adventure!

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LEGO Spaceport Product Review

There are millions of people who play with LEGO sets, and to keep the momentum, LEGO has launched another fun product from its LEGO City line, and it is called the LEGO Spaceport. Its highlight is a space shuttle, and various space crafts that you can build and play with!

The LEGO Spaceport set sells for around $120. This set includes a space shuttle with a detachable fuel tank, boosters, a mobile launch pad, a service car, and 5 miniature characters representing the members of your space team!

Lego SpaceportThanks to LEGO, kids of many generations grew up with rich imaginations, living their dreams by using these small blocks. Over the years, LEGO became more adventurous in its offerings, and the one that benefited the most are the consumers.

LEGO lovers are definitely going to be thrilled at the thought of a space-themed LEGO set, and the Spaceport promises all sorts of space-related building fun! There is always a tiny astronaut lurking within each one of us (yes, even among adults) and it is through the LEGO Spaceport that they can live out their dream of being an astronaut or a scientist. Over the decades, parents have always regarded LEGO sets as one of the most educational toys around, and this release is not going to be an exception.

This time around, our imaginations are taking to new heights – literally and figuratively – since LEGO is taking us into outer space. Of course we have to build the space shuttle first, and that is just half of the fun.

LEGO SpaceportThe design of the space shuttle is very inspired. It comes with a detachable fuel tank and even the rocket boosters can also be ejected! It is also designed with cargo bay doors and it comes with a mobile launch pad and satellite.
A service vehicle is added to complement the 2 service personnel mini-figures. And since this is a space shuttle ready to go on a space mission, we have one scientist and 2 astronauts joining the team.

You can trust LEGO to incorporate its brand of high quality and workmanship on its products, including the Spaceport.

Just the concept of building in a space-themed setting is enough to convince many to purchase the LEGO Spaceport.

LEGO SpaceportYou can expect to find the LEGO Spaceport anywhere and everywhere that sells authentic and legitimate LEGO products. If you do not feel like hunting from store to store, you can simply log on to Amazon and place your order there. It may even be your lucky day and you can get it at a discount, on top of the Free Shipping that Amazon offers for many products.

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Lego Fusion Town Master

Lego Fusion Town Master

The Lego Fusion Town Master is a dream toy for kids who love building Lego worlds by hand – and playing video games because this toy combined the two. First you build your town and then you bring it all to life as an interactive video game !

Lego toys are always a hit at Christmas, whether they’re big or small – for boys or for girls – and for the 2014 holiday season, the Lego Fusion Town Master is going to be topping the list for kids (and those grown ups who love Legos, too).

You will need a smartphone or tablet, so you can download an app to make this happen. The citizens of your town will have certain needs, and using the LEGO Town Master App you can find out what they need and then use your Lego bricks to build it.

You never know what they might need! It might be a house for a citizen, a new shop in the town square, or a restaurant with a delicious menu. Sometimes it’s things like new roadways or a fire station that serves the town.

The box has a LEGO Fusion baseplate in it where your bricks snap on so that the virtual game can come to life on your smartphone or tablet. And in the game, you can earn things, too – like studs, rewards and more power.

The way you earn this is by completing missions and little games (miniature ones) in the game. They’ll come up randomly in your town for you to complete as you grow your virtual world.

The figure that comes with the Lego Fusion Town Master is the mayor. He’s there to help you rule the town and take care of the citizens and their many needs.

As for Lego bricks, you’re going to have 256 pieces to work with. Plus, you get the Fusion baseplate. The Lego Fusion products are compatible with other Lego bricks if they’re the same color and size as the ones found in the set, so if you have more – feel free to use them!

Once you buy the Lego Fusion Town Master for your child, you’ll download the App in the Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung app stores. There are hundreds of fun Lego toys to invest in, but the Fusion line is going to be highly popular with the combination of brick and virtual play ability.

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By Joe Conde