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Play-Doh Plus Review



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3NEUProduct Review –

Play-Doh Plus was developed for kids in the 1950s, Play-Doh has become a hugely popular toy as children were able to use the inert material to create masterpieces.

Numerous new colors have been introduced over the years, but the main formula has remained more or less the same.

With the release of Play-Doh Plus, Hasbro has evolved its original formula into a much softer and more pliable version, giving children a way to create much more delicate and detailed creations, and the line of Play-Doh Plus toys currently in the process of being released gives those kids fun new tools to create with. Continue Reading →

My Own Pet Balloon Review



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Pet BalloonProduct Review – My Own Pet Balloon

Kids love to imagine. A child can take a pile of sticks and rocks and turn them into mighty medieval castles. Just about anything can be turned into a toy, and just about any toy can be a source for creativity and imagination.

My Own Pet Balloon proceed on that notion that children don’t need huge, expensive, and elaborate contraptions to have fun, and that sometimes, the best tool is actually the cheapest and simplest one.

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Mr Fusion Home Reactor Replica




5NEUProduct Review – Mr Fusion Replica

For anyone that’s a fan of Back to the Future you’ll know exactly what this is. If you’re not though then this is a replica of the Mr Fusion ‘home energy reactor’ a device created in the film for turning rubbish into nuclear power.

The replica is being made by Diamond Select Toys who have previously made other Back to the Future props.

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Cookie Monster Food Train



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Cookie Monster Food TrainSesame Street has contributed some of the most lasting and memorable children’s characters in modern history. For over 40 years, the show has continued promoting basic ideals and teaching kids fundamental skills that serve them well into their adult years and numerous related toys have spawned as a result.

The Cookie Monster Food Train, available in the fall of 2013, is set to be one part of the latest incarnation of those toys.

The Cookie Monster Food Train is one part of the Sesame Street Roads and Rails collection. It is a train set that can operate as a stand-alone toy, or it can connect to the larger Elmo Junction.

The set has children pushing Cookie Monster as he drives a food train across the rails and talks about his favorite foods. The attachable rail car can attach to the Elmo Junction train set, and it includes a removable crate of bananas so kids can feel like they’re really hauling something.

Cookie Monster Food TrainWhile the set can be used separately, it is intended as an attachment to the main Elmo Junction set. As such, it has a suggested retail price of $46.99, considerably less than the parent set.

Things We Like 

Kids love collecting sets, and the Cookie Monster Food Train feeds that desire. Children who get the food train will want to continue the collection with Elmo Junction and the other segments. The included crate of bananas and the soundtracks that play as the train is pushed across the track demonstrate that Cookie Monster has branched out his eating habits to include more natural sweets instead of his traditional cookie-gobbling.

The fact that Cookie Monster Food Train is part of a set could potentially be a drawback as parents might not want the potential commitment of purchasing the entire series.

Cookie Monster Food TrainParents with kids who love trains (which is pretty much every parent) will love Cookie Monster’s latest vehicle.

The set is being produced and released by Hasbro, a company with a long standing dedication to quality and reliability. While no official guarantees have been released as of yet, consumers can rest assured it will have a thorough one.

As a standalone set, the Cookie Monster Food Train costs less than $20. Considering the entertainment kids can expect, that’s an excellent price.

Cookie Monster Food TrainAll major retailers, both physical and online, that currently sell Sesame Street and other Hasbro products will have the food train.

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More Customer Reviews 

Sesame Street toys have long been huge favorites for kids and parents alike, and the Cookie Monster Food Train promises to continue that tradition when it’s released!


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Lone Ranger Figures Review



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Lone Ranger FiguresProduct Review – Lone Ranger Figures

The Lone Ranger Figures are some of the best action figures inspired from the seventies. These figures are so lifelike they take you right back to the adventures of the masked lawman and his Indian companion.

All the Lone Ranger figures are very fine and incredibly detailed. The supporting animal cast in this series is as impressive as the human figures. Each one of the Lone Ranger figurines is a masterpiece and a remarkable collectible item.

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The New Ecto Goggles Review



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Ecto GogglesEcto Goggles Review

Made famous by the film Ghostbusters, Ecto Goggles are a must have for any avid collector or fan. The original goggles made for the film were made from military night vision goggles: model AN/PVS-5a- with the lenses changed out for more appropriate look for the film.

The new Mattel Ecto Goggles based on the original design have also been made to interact with other Mattel Ghostbusters items such as the PKE meter. This feature allows you to see the library ghost. You can also cause an animated slimmer to appear on the display and the quicker you twist the dial the faster the animation is played.

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By Joe Conde