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Disney Princess Playsets


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Disney Princess Playsets Product Review – Disney Princess Playsets

In the 90 years since Walt Disney first started making cartoons for kids, Disney has created some of the most recognizable icons in the world. From Mickey Mouse to Cinderella to Quasimodo, Disney cartoons have captured the imaginations of children and adults alike the world over.

In order to let kids immerse themselves even deeper into the Disney world, the company has released thousands of toys over the years, many of which have been immensely popular. The Disney Princess Playsets have joined that family as kids are able to play with all of the most famed princesses from the Disney universe.

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Ubooly iPhone and iPod Interactive Pet



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UboolyOne of the biggest trends in kids entertainment is creating toys and devices that utilize smartphones and tablets to create an interactive experience.

A wide array of toys have been released and are due for release that depend on smartphones entirely for their functionality, and the rapid evolution of phone technology has allowed for increased experiences with interactivity. Ubooly is one such toy, and it is by far one of the cutest.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Ubooly is a loveable orange creature. He is a small, furry blob that only has a tummy, face, and a pair of inquisitive ears. To make the toy come to life, users must install the free app on their iPhone or iPad Touch and then insert it into the slot on top of his head. The screen displays his face and projects his voice.

The app itself is a learning creation that recognizes voice commands, tells stories and jokes, plays games, and requires love and care to remain happy. Regular updates are released every month that continue to bolster Ubooly’s repertoire and improve his learning capability.

3NEUThe app, which functions as his brain, is free, while the toy itself is $29.99.

Things We Like About This product

Many of the toys that incorporate smartphones that have been released are involved, expensive creations. Ubooly simplifies that and streamlines it down to the most basic idea, and it does so in the form of an adorable, little creature. He has the potential to teach kids valuable lessons in responsibility and care, all while entertaining them with his constantly-expanding knowledge base.

Because Apple iOS devices utilize standard, proprietary device programming and standards, it’s much easier to create devices such as Ubooly for only that platform. Since there are so many different types of devices that use Android, those device users are out of luck, at least for the time being.

2NEUUbooly only currently works with iPhones and iPad Touch devices, so owning one of them is a prerequisite to purchasing him. Aside from that, who wouldn’t want to buy such a loveable, smart, orange little monster?

Purchasers may return Ubooly within 30 days for a full refund, provided he is still in new condition.

With the functionality and potential for learning available in the free app, the $29.99 price tag for Ubooly himself is well worth it!

UboolyConsumers can purchase Ubooly from this link: , as well as other websites such as Amazon. The app is available exclusively through the iTunes App Store.

More Customer Reviews 

Within a simple plush exterior lies a cute, incredibly smart little creature. Kids and adults alike have fallen in love with Ubooly, offering up rave reviews every time anyone encounters him!

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Twister Rave Skip It Game


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Twister RaveWhen the original Twister game was released to the public in the mid-1960s, it captured people’s imagination and attention like few games had before. It was the first to be released that used actual people as the game pieces, and it has remained one of the most popular games since.

The Twister Rave series is nothing like the original game; however it does retain one similarity. Like the original, individual’s bodies are the primary game piece. Members of the series include several varieties of the Twister Rave Rings, the Hoopz Game, the Stickz Game, and the familiar Skip-It Game.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The most recognizable member of the Twister Rave series is the Skip-It Game. Adults will remember it as the toy that children placed around their ankles and then skipped over in a sort of single-player jump rope.

The concept of the modern version is the same with added lights that display different colors depending upon how long the player can keep spinning. The Rave Rings have a variety of different games that involve snapping, clapping, and grabbing, and the Hoopz Game includes two hoops that drape over the player’s arm to be spun.

The Stickz Game looks like a pair of nun chucks and can be spun and twirled around in various games. All members of the Rave series light up depending upon the length and success of various tricks performed.

Twister RaveAll varieties of the Rave Rings are $7.99. The Stickz Game is $9.99. The Skip-It Game is $19.99. And the Hoopz Game is $14.99.

In an age where so many toys are uninvolved, sedentary experiences, it is refreshing to see some that still require vigorous movement and coordination. The Rave series provides a fun source of exercise and helps kids work on and improve their hand-eye coordination, endurance, and balance.

There isn’t much to dislike about the Twister Rave series. The only potential issue may be with the Hoopz. Since they are not attached to arms while being spun, without proper care they may fly off and damage surrounding items.

2NEUThe Twister Rave series is rated for all kids from ages 8 and up. Aside from that, energetic kids looking for an outlet and excuse to run and jump will love the series!

All Twister products carry comprehensive warranties that protect against defects in workmanship.

For only $7.99 to $19.99, kids can jump, clap, and spin their way into a fun and exciting time. The price tag for that is well worth it!

Twister RaveAll major department stores and toy retailers carry the entire Rave line. The series can also be purchased from this Link Twister Rave. This toy will also be available at toy stores and online retailers such as Amazon.

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The Twister games have been one of the most popular games for both kids and adults for over 40 years, and players have fallen in love with the newest additions to the series!

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Brain Wave Controlled Necomimi Headband



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Necomimi HeadbandThe science of analyzing and utilizing brain waves has advanced by huge amounts in only the last few years. Scientists have created devices that allow paralyzed individuals to control machines with their brains to help them perform functions they were long unable to.

Almost every scientific device ever invented was eventually transformed into an entertainment tool; video game systems are the result of computers originally created for NASA and the military, for instance. In this case, one of the first devices to utilize brain wave technology is Necomimi, the brainwave cat ears!

Let’s take a look at some of the features

On the surface, Necomimi appears to be a simple set of cat ears users wear on their heads. Within the simple appearance, however, lies a very sophisticated system of sensors and motors. The sensors are placed in strategic locations on user’s foreheads and earlobes to accurately read and interpret their brain waves.

The motors engage to move the ears in response to the waves it senses. If the wearer is alert, the ears stand straight up. If excited, they wiggle around. And if relaxed, the ears lay down on top of the wearer’s head. The motions are intended to be very much reminiscent of an actual cat, and they succeed admirably in that goal.

4NEUThe base Necomimi set of ears is $69.99, and additional skins, such as Obsidian Black and Jungle Leopard, can be purchased for $19.99.

The science behind Necomimi is truly amazing and clearly displays just how far the science of brain wave technology has come in such a short time. Not even taking into account the science the ears utilize, though, they just look incredibly cute. When the wearer is alert and attentive, the ears stand up straight just like a cat. They would be perfect for parties, cosplayers, and they could add a whole new layer to the favorite cat costume in Halloween.

The ears run off of 4 AAA batteries, and the more active a person’s brain is, the quicker those batteries will drain and need to be replaced. Depending on the person and their typical state of mind, they might end up needing to replace them fairly often.

3NEUIt’s a particular type of person that would be interested in Necomimi. Cosplayers and lovers of cats or Japanese culture will fall over themselves to buy the adorable ears.

Necomimi carries a limited 30 day warranty protecting against all defects in workmanship. Purchasers of defective products should ship them in for a replacement.

Whether Necomimi is worth the price is dependent on the person, really. For those who love this type of unique device, $69.99 is a bargain, while, for others, it’s prohibitively expensive.

Necomimi HeadbandConsumers can purchase Necomimi from this Link and at major retail stores such as Toys R Us and Amazon.

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Those who have experienced the Necomimi brainwave cat ears have fallen in love with the adorable look and motions and the impressive science behind it!


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Barbie Digital Dress Doll Review



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Barbie Digital Dress DollProduct Review – Barbie Digital Dress Doll

The new Barbie Digital Dress Doll is the newest Barbie to come off the ‘runway’ with all the usual features that are expect from her but with one big twist.

The Barbie Digital Dress Doll dress uses the latest LED and touch screen technology. It has 114 tri-coloured LED lights built into her dress and allows the user to choose between three different functions:

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Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Review



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Cuddles My Giggly MonkeyProduct Review – Cuddles My Giggly Monkey

The FurReal Friends line of toys by Hasbro is, at heart, an interactive, animatronic toy series. Each member, be they a puppy or pony, has a huge variety of programmed behaviors that respond to specific imp.

The newest member of the series, however, Cuddles My Giggly Monkey, raises the bar for animatronics and kids toys, in general.

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Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Review



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Barbie Digital Makeover MirrorThe Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror by Mattell is a vanity mirror that is compatible with an iPad.

This brings the level of fun and dynamic play to an entirely new level, as girls can try on different kinds of eye shadow or lipstick without having to actually do this in reality, which is a major benefit for parents who don’t feel like dealing with messy cleanup after the fact. As it’s name suggests, the makeover mirror allows girls to play makeover all in the contained environment of a digital setting.

While this is a toy made for younger girls, the applications of this product could actually be viable in more general market settings. For instance, any adult could try on different types of makeup and see what they would look like without having to try them on in actuality. This will save time and money for both stores and consumers if they every try to use this application in more commercial settings. The potential is certainly there.

Barbie Digital Makeover MirrorThe Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror has a suggested retail price of $69.99.

The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is advertised by Mattell to be for young girls ages 6 and up. This would be the perfect age group for this product, as the appeal of makeovers and Barbie series is undeniable for most girls of this age group.

Things We Like 

This product provides parents and children alike a lot of value for the money. One extremely neat feature is the ability of the toy to utilize face tracking technology, which follows the movements of the child, so the act of putting on makeup becomes an engaging experience that is as close to real life as it gets!

Barbie Digital Makeover MirrorUnless you’re simply not a fan of the Barbie brand by Mattell, there’s really not a lot to dislike about the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror. There could be a potential for damage to the iPad, as this piece of technology isn’t exactly designed for children ages 6 and up.

This toy is definitely worth the price, as it turns an iPad into a source of nonstop entertainment for young girls. Not only that, but this digital technology saves on having to actually purchase makeup products and cleaning materials.

Barbie Digital Makeover MirrorThe Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror can be bought online  on sites such as and in other major stores, such as Toys ‘R Us.

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More Customer Reviews For Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is gaining increased attention by parents as a viable alternative to physically supplying their child’s makeover desires. Consumers have thus far been highly satisfied with this product and it is a perfect synthesis of play and technology.

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