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LEGO Spaceport Product Review

There are millions of people who play with LEGO sets, and to keep the momentum, LEGO has launched another fun product from its LEGO City line, and it is called the LEGO Spaceport. Its highlight is a space shuttle, and various space crafts that you can build and play with!

The LEGO Spaceport set sells for around $120. This set includes a space shuttle with a detachable fuel tank, boosters, a mobile launch pad, a service car, and 5 miniature characters representing the members of your space team!

Lego SpaceportThanks to LEGO, kids of many generations grew up with rich imaginations, living their dreams by using these small blocks. Over the years, LEGO became more adventurous in its offerings, and the one that benefited the most are the consumers.

LEGO lovers are definitely going to be thrilled at the thought of a space-themed LEGO set, and the Spaceport promises all sorts of space-related building fun! There is always a tiny astronaut lurking within each one of us (yes, even among adults) and it is through the LEGO Spaceport that they can live out their dream of being an astronaut or a scientist. Over the decades, parents have always regarded LEGO sets as one of the most educational toys around, and this release is not going to be an exception.

This time around, our imaginations are taking to new heights – literally and figuratively – since LEGO is taking us into outer space. Of course we have to build the space shuttle first, and that is just half of the fun.

LEGO SpaceportThe design of the space shuttle is very inspired. It comes with a detachable fuel tank and even the rocket boosters can also be ejected! It is also designed with cargo bay doors and it comes with a mobile launch pad and satellite.
A service vehicle is added to complement the 2 service personnel mini-figures. And since this is a space shuttle ready to go on a space mission, we have one scientist and 2 astronauts joining the team.

You can trust LEGO to incorporate its brand of high quality and workmanship on its products, including the Spaceport.

Just the concept of building in a space-themed setting is enough to convince many to purchase the LEGO Spaceport.

LEGO SpaceportYou can expect to find the LEGO Spaceport anywhere and everywhere that sells authentic and legitimate LEGO products. If you do not feel like hunting from store to store, you can simply log on to Amazon and place your order there. It may even be your lucky day and you can get it at a discount, on top of the Free Shipping that Amazon offers for many products.

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Ozobot Product Review

The Ozobot is the latest programmable robot that can be controlled through the block-based programming editor called OzoBlockly. Just when you thought robots could not get any smaller, tiny robots just became cuter and tinier, and even more interactive!

OzobotIn the past, coding may not be the first thing that parents would want their kids to learn. However, times are changing, and so are the interests and tastes of children. Even at a very young age, many are already showing signs of proficiency when it comes to coding and programming. What better way to nurture that than to provide them with tools that allow them to learn coding and programming while playing?

An Ozobot Single Pack costs $49.99, and it includes 2 Ozobots (each with a protective carrying case), 2 standard cover skins and another 2 limited edition skins, game and instruction cards, and 2 micro-USB cables. You may choose between the Crystal White and the Titanium Black versions. But if you want to have both, you can simply purchase the Ozobot Double Pack, which contains the two versions.

They are round, they are small (only around 1 inch in height and diameter!) and they are interactive! These alone are already enough to make us like them. The Ozobot is so small, that you can even slip it inside your pocket.

OzobotTo fully maximize the Ozobot, there are free apps that you can download in order to build custom maps and program your Ozobot to perform a variety of functions. You can even make it dance!

Ozobot also encourages group interaction, since you can use it to challenge your friends to various strategy games. Ozobot apps are now available for both iOS and Android users, so no one will be left out!

There’s more. If you log on to, you can follow the free STEM/STREAM lesson plans and workshops designed specifically for Ozobot users.

At first, some kids may encounter difficulties with the programming codes. With a bit of practice, however, it will become a breeze. There have been requests to make Ozobot waterproof, and this would be a great feature

Ozobot guarantees that its products are of high quality. They also offer a 90-day return policy. Anything that can make programming fun and easy for young children is definitely a product that is worth buying.

OzobotOzobots are available from numerous retailers that are authorized to sell them. One of these authorized retailers is Amazon, the largest online marketplace for practically anything under the sun. What makes Amazon the ideal place to get Ozobots is how it offers a lot of deals and discounts, and even throws in the Free Shipping option.

Open bigger doors to bigger worlds for your kids by introducing them to the little wonders that is Ozobots!

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The Virtual Reality View Master Product Review

Mattel has created a new toy, The Virtual Reality View Master.  The concept of this innovative toy from Mattel is an update from the classic View Master, integrating IT with Google’s Cardboard VR Technology and finishing it up with a cutting edge look.

The Virtual Reality View MasterVirtual Reality View Master retails for around $30 and worth every cent. It is a good learning tool, which interests and captivates its users.

The new version of the Virtual Reality View Master will appeal to those who knew the View Master Classic toy which was first introduced by Mattel way back in 1940, and which will always have a special place in our heart. They will be interested to find out what this new version has to offer, and techies who are into anything that makes use of virtual reality will also be interested in finding out what this new version does.

6The Virtual Reality View Master is clearly not your usual binoculars. It’s not your conventional View Master, either. Instead, you have a stereoscopic device that offers an immersive digital viewing experience. Children and adults alike will be able to enjoy a 360-degree view of any scenery they focus the View Master on. This is thanks to the View Master’s integration with Google’s Cardboard Virtual Reality technology.

Even the picture reels were given an upgrade. This time, they are circular slides that will also facilitate a 360-degree viewing angle. The good thing is that usage of the View Master will not be restricted by these picture reels. Even without them, the View Master can function. All you have to do is download the photos on your smartphone.

And that is another good news, because Mattel promised to make the Virtual Reality View Master compatible with both iPhone and Android-based devices.

If this stereoscopic toy lives up to all the features that were listed, then it is definitely a great buy for the price that was stated.

Virtual Reality View MasterMattel makes its products available in all its stores, even online. Consumers, however, have a lot more options if they only know where to look. If you prefer to make your purchase online, look no further than Amazon, where discounts are also applied to various products. You might just score the Virtual Reality View Master at a discounted price, and it may even qualify for Amazon’s Free Shipping, saving you more money.

The Virtual Reality View Master is the same concept as the original product, but with bigger and better features! Make sure you are one of the first people to own the new Virtual Reality View Master from Mattel.

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Real Life Growing Groot-New Toy from Uncle Milton

The Real Life Growing Groot is an almost-perfect replica of Groot. And it grows too !!  When the Guardians of the Galaxy film came out, one of the characters that captured the most attention was Groot, Uncle Milton now came up with the idea of a replica toy.

The Real Life Growing GrootGrowing Groot is a unique collectible in that it is actually responsive, and avid fans of the movie franchise will definitely want to add to their collection. Of course, even those who are not familiar with the movie will also find themselves drawn towards this growing Groot, and if you  are just looking for an educational toy that is fun and very interesting, then you will appreciate  this Uncle Milton creation.

As a movie replica, it looks exactly like the Groot that we have come to know and love in the films. This baby tree looks so adorable that we cannot help but feel all fuzzy about it. And when it starts dancing, there is no doubt that it is one of the best collectibles to come out of the franchise.

As a science kit, it is interesting to watch it grow, just like a real tree would.

But there is another function that the Real Life Growing Groot performs: as a night light. This is thanks to the series of small glowing LEDs that are embedded in the vine, wrapping around the character. The effect is really something to see when the lights are off and you turn it on.

Growing GrootThe dancing Groot is set in a small pot and is surrounded by fake grass. The grass look quite realistic and we have to commend the designers for the effort.

Whether you are a fan of the film, a parent looking for an educational and scientific toy, or simply looking for something unique and refreshing, there is no doubt that the Real Life Growing Groot is worth having. Of course, we will still withhold our final judgment until the price is announced.

You will find The Real Life Growing Groot   in many shops and online stores that sell movie replica and collectibles, but in my opinion, the best bet is still Amazon who specialize on the online retailing of these products, and even give huge discounts for them.  You also get free shipping on most of the merchandise being sold.

Growing GrootIf you loved Groot in the movie, then you will love this growing and dancing Groot even more! Bookmark this page now to make sure you don’t miss out when it is released.

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Sick Science Kits Product Review

Motivating children to enjoy learning science is quite difficult, but with the right tools, you can actually make it happen. Sick Science Kits are for parents that would like to encourage their children to enjoy science and be motivated to learn about science in a more productive way.

Sick ScienceOne of the best tools available is the Sick Science Kits from Steve Spangler Science. Teachers may also be interested to use these kits during science classes in order to engage their pupils better.

Most of the kits are priced at $14.99, with a few of them costing $19.99. You also have the option to purchase a Sick Science collection, which is a volume that contains 6 Sick Science Kits. One 12-kit volume costs $149.99.

Things We Like About The Sick Science Kits

A Sick Science Kit contains all tools and components that will be required to perform a scientific experiment, depending on the theme of the kit. This means that everything you need is included in the kit  provided. All that is left to do is to perform the experiment.

Sick ScienceBut one great thing about these Sick Science Kits is the selection that Steve Spangler Science came up with. If you buy a collection, you will have 12 kits that touch on various scientific subjects. Some examples of the kits include Fast Physics, Insta-Worms, Shaker Slime, Inertia Challenge, Density Divers, Rainbow Snow, and Oil Spill Polymer, to name a few. At present there are over 24 Sick Science Kits to choose from.

The kits also come with a step by step activity guide that your young scientists can follow. This means you do not need the supervision of a Science teacher to use the kits. There are also videos that will guide you and your child along, making for a fun activity that parents and their children can share.

Things We Did Not Like About The Sick Science Kits

As an educational toy, these kits certainly deliver what they promise, which is why we cannot find any fault with them so far.


Steve Spangler Science offers a 30-day warranty, offering replacement for defective products as long as the kits are returned before the end of the 30-day period.

Are The Sick Science Kits Worth The Money?

Educational toys that are actually fun are the ones that are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Where Can I Buy The Sick Science Kits?Sick Science

These scientific kits are now up for sale at the Steve Spangler Science website. Of course, you may also shop for them in various online stores. Amazon is one of your best bets. It is known for generous price cuts and discounts on the original list prices of products, and they even have the Free Shipping option for those who want to save more money!

Final Thoughts For The Sick Science Kits

If your child is sick of learning science the old-fashioned way, give them something new. Use the Sick Science Kits instead!

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GoldieBlox Construction Set Review

The GoldieBlox Construction Set has everything that every little girl needs in order to build, learn, and have fun. It is an engineering toy and book series that is specifically geared towards girls and comes with a storybook, character figurines, and a construction set.GoldieBlox

The GoldieBlox Construction Set comes in various sets and kits, and they are also available at varying prices, starting from $19.99 to full sets that cost $59.99. Expansion sets are also available and they are priced at $9.99 each.

Little girls have always been expected to play with dolls and act out domestic scenarios when “playing house”. By combining a storybook concept with character figures and actual construction, the GoldieBlox Construction Set is every little girl’s parent’s dream as it makes parents keener on finding more stimulating toys that will challenge them and enable them to learn while they are building

GoldibloxThe GoldieBlox Construction Set is geared towards children aged 5  to 9 years old.

Children can never get enough of stories, and GoldieBlox Construction Set recognizes this. The concept of teaching them to build while sharing the adventures and discoveries of the main character Goldie is very ingenuous.

The introductory kit, GoldieBlox Construction Set and The Spinning Machine, focuses on building a belt drive, and it already contains everything that will be needed to construct it, such as a pegboard, wheels, axles, blocks, washers and cranks.

Of course, this will definitely pique your child’s imagination and improve her critical skills. It’s a good thing that there is a wide selection of GoldieBlox Construction Set kits to choose from, such as one that involves building a parade float vehicle, and another that is about constructing a pulley elevator.

The character of Goldie is also not your typical girls’ doll. She’s “built for action and not for fashion”. In short, she’s an intelligent, resourceful and curious girl – definitely someone every parent would not mind having around to influence their kids. She is one role model that anyone would appreciate having.

GoldibloxOnce assembled, the toy surprisingly takes up a lot of space. This means you have to have more than enough shelf space available for storing it. There are also instances where some parts don’t fit as snugly as we want them to.

The manufacturer provides a 30-day limited warranty from defects in materials and workmanship of this product.

Science, engineering, math and technology are areas where girls or females typically do not excel in, especially at very young and impressionable ages. Anything that will make them interested in these subjects is definitely worth the money.

Who said only boys are interested in tech toys and building things? With GoldieBlox Construction Set, you can awaken the little engineer that is hidden inside your little girl!

You may purchase the GoldieBlox Construction Set in the manufacturer’s website, as well as the online store Amazon, where the kits can be purchased, along with great deals. Free Shipping is one benefit of buying this product from Amazon, since it will save you a lot of money in shipping and handling.

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iDiscover App Activity Table

Idiscover App table


 Idiscover App tableProduct Review – iDiscover App Activity Table

The new iDiscover App Activity Table from VTech is everything a play table could need and more. By using an iPad or tablet in the centre of the table it makes it much more interactive and educational than a regular activity table. The table also has a protective screen to cover the tablet.

The table has many different features for children to enjoy including:

•        Piano keys that are different colors.

•        A number roller and an alphabet roller.

•        A steering wheel complete with a horn and a gear stick.

•        Buttons of basic colored shapes.

These features will interact with different apps that come with the free downloadable app pack. This pack will include 6 apps that will interact with what the child plays with.

Idiscover App tableHow Much?

The iDiscover App Activity Table retails for around $80.

Who would buy the iDiscover App Activity Table?

The activity table is aimed at young children between the ages of 9 – 36 months old.

Things we like about iDiscover App Activity Table

The table is made up of different and bright colored parts that would appeal to young children. It helps with cognitive learning as on some games children have to relate what they see on the screen to something on the table.

One good feature is that the screen will rotate to face the child, so when playing the driving game with the steering wheel the screen will face the right direction.

The iDiscover App Activity Table  should come with 6 apps. One of these will show pictures of hot air balloons with a connected shape, to release the balloon the child has to press the corresponding shape.


Idiscover App tableThings we don’t like about iDiscover App Activity Table

The biggest downside to this is that if the parents don’t own an iPad or a tablet then it becomes just a regular activity table. Also despite the protective screen it does mean letting a young child play with several hundred dollars of technology.



This product will have the standard Amazon Warranty

Is iDiscover App Activity Table worth the money?

At only $80 and with a good few years’ worth of use as the child ages it’s defiantly worth the money (as long as the parents already own a tablet). It’s a great way to not only entertain a young child but to also help them learn and improve co-ordination.

2NEUWhere can I buy iDiscover App Activity Table?

The iDiscover App Activity Table should be available in all major toy stores, especially ones aimed at toddlers and babies. It will also be available online on Amazon.

Customer reviews of iDiscover App Activity Table

As it has recently been released there are no customer reviews but from what parents have said they are looking forward to this being released. The way it combines fun with learning for young children will help with their development while providing hours of fun.

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Sesame Street PAL product Review

Sesame Street Pal


Sesame Street PalProduct Review for the Sesame Street PAL

The Sesame Street PAL (play and learning) system uses peoples existing tablets (such as iPads) and turns them into a hands on learning experience. Designed for toddlers and young children, its interactive format helps you to educate and entertain your kids.

Made by Hasbro along with Sesame Workshop (a non-profit educational organization) it will be launched along side a whole new range of Sesame Street products. The PAL system features a case, which the tablet can be inserted into making it safe and fun. Simply buy the case and download the app and then let your children explore a world full of exciting and informative videos and games.

How Much?

The Sesame Street Pal will retail at around $39.99 for the case and interactive magnifying glass. Additional interactive tools will be sold separately.

Sesame Street PalWho would buy the Sesame Street PAL?

The new Sesame Street PAL is aimed at young children and pre-schoolers so would be a great buy for anyone with young children. If you want to give them something that helps them to learn while they explore and play.

Things we like about the Sesame Street PAL

Its safety case to enclose the tablet is great for protecting your tablet, with rubber-protected corners and a stand. It can also be used to hide the menu button so your child can’t acidently get onto other apps or programs. There are also two different cases you can buy depending on which tablet you have.

Sesame Street PalThings we don’t like about the Sesame Street PAL

Due to the fact that it’s not yet been released, it’s hard to say what the individual features are like. One downside so far, is the fact that all the accessories, which make the games more interactive, are all sold separately. The other, is that it only works with a tablet or iPad, so if you don’t own one you can’t use the system. Also the app is only available on android and iOS.


Again, due to the fact it’s still not on sale it’s unknown at this time what the guarantee will be on the PAL system.

Is the Sesame Street PAL worth the money?

Retailing at $39.99 it seems to be good value for money. When it comes to your child’s education this is a great tool to helping them learn while they play. It’s also a great way just to keep them occupied if you have something like a long car journey as the PAL and your tablet are portable.

Sesame Street PalWhere can I buy the Sesame Street PAL?

The PAL will be available on leading online stores, such as It will also be available in most major children’s toy stores.

Customer reviews of the Sesame Street PAL

Since it has not yet been released there are no reviews from people who have tried the Sesame Street PAL. That being said however there are lots of people talking about the PAL, and other new Hasbro Sesame Street collections, and they are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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You can get the best price for the AquaDoodle on this link. Check it out now !!

AquaDoodleOne nearly universal activity all kids love to do is draw. The surface doesn’t really matter much, as many parents have found out to their chagrin. Kids will draw on paper, boxes, and even walls and floors if no other surface is convenient.

Drawing on paper works great, although it can be wasteful and become expensive, and other surfaces not designed for drawing end up requiring extensive cleaning. Wouldn’t it be great is a surface for drawing existed that never needed replacing, didn’t cause a mess, and was specifically designed for the many types of messy drawing kids do? The Aquadoodle fills that role perfectly and gives kids a reusable and clean place to draw!

Let’s take a look at some of the features

There are several varieties of the Aquadoodle, but they all function the same. They are drawing pens that are filled with small amounts of water which is converted to hydrochromatic ink that becomes invisible as it dries out. Also included are drawing pads of varying sizes which the pens are designed to draw on. Kids can draw to their heart’s content on the pad, and their drawings will last a few minutes until the ink dries, after which, they can continue drawing on the same surface.

 4NEUThe classic Aquadoodle set is $19.99. Other varieties include the Travel Doodle which costs about $16.99; the Jumbo Deluxe Mat for about $25; and others with similar pricing.

 Things We Like About Aquadoodle

Rather than draw endless pictures on paper and then throw them away, the Aquadoodle lets kids create an ongoing stream of pictures, cartoons, and other doodles. It saves money on crayons, markers, and paper, and it helps the environment, as well. The variety in sizes is great, too, as they provide options to safely and cleanly draw at home or on the go.

The only downside to Aquadoodle is also one of its strengths: the fact that drawings disappear so the same surface can be used repeatedly. If a kid draws a particularly good or meaningful drawing, parents will have to hurry with the camera to take a picture to preserve it. Also, if kids draw a particularly lengthy or involved picture, they might not enjoy the first section drying out and becoming invisible before it’s complete.

3NEUDue to the big pens, broad drawing surface, and disposable nature, Aquadoodle is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Parents of children that age will love the money they no longer have to spend and the cleaning they no longer have to perform.

Considering how much paper and drawing materials can cost over time, $19.99 is definitely worth the money to replace all that!

2NEUAquadoodle is available from all major department stores and toy retailers, as well as most major online stores such as Amazon.

More Customer Reviews

In the years since Aquadoodle was released, the toy has won numerous awards and been featured in numerous magazines and trade journals, and customers share that enthusiasm!

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By Joe Conde