Air Pogo Extreme Product Review

Air Pogo ExtremeThe Air Pogo Extreme concept is not new. Pogo sticks of one form or another have been around for years. If your children like the outdoors, and you are looking at developing their interest in physical activities, you should consider getting the Air Pogo Extreme.

Defying the laws of gravity is a thought that is relished by many, not just kids, and with the Air Pogo Extreme, this is actually possible. You can bounce, swing, twist, twirl, fly, float, jump and spring, have some quality family bonding, and and have a lot of fun with the Air Pogo.

The Air Pogo Extreme sells for about $160, and although it is true that Air Pogo Extreme is designed to be suitable for ages 5 to 10, it can even be used by older individuals who are looking for a fun toy to play with.

Air Pogo ExtremeThe Air Pogo has a weight limit of 200 lbs, which means teens and adults can play with it, not just the 5- to 10-year-olds! This is a very good thing, since it can be used for group plays and activities.

The most common problem that people encounter with toys of this nature is the difficulty in setting it up. Not with the Air Pogo Extreme, though, because setting it up is very easy and straightforward. It takes little time to set it up and use it. In no time at all, you’ll have your kids swinging and bouncing from the ground!

The fun colors of the Air Pogo Extreme also add an element of fun to it. You can choose between one with a green trim and one with a blue trim. The set already comes with Pogo Dots stickers that you can use to personalize the design.

This is a versatile toy, since you can set it up by simple suspending it from a tree limb, or any sturdy overhead support. If you have a wooden swing or a deck, you may also suspend it from there with no problems at all. Just make sure there is a minimum height of 8.5 feet.

We cannot think of anything to complain about the Air Pogo Extreme at the moment.

Air Pogo ExtremeExtreme fun from an exceptionally simple concept – that is what you will get from the Air Pogo Extreme, and that is also what makes it a great buy!

You have the option of buying Air Pogo Extreme direct from the manufacturer, or from accredited sellers and authorized dealers. Another option would be to head directly to Amazon and place your orders there. There are great chances of scoring it at a huge discount, and even saving more money, thanks to their Free Shipping program!

The accolades and praises are more than enough reason to give this toy a chance. Purchasing the award-winning Air Pogo Extreme may be one of the best toy buys you will ever make!

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By Joe Conde