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Air Hogs AtmoSphereProduct Review – Air Hogs AtmoSphere

Remote controlled helicopters have been around for nearly as long as remote controlled cars, and they have been immensely popular since their inception. Up until relatively recently, though, the remote controlled helicopter market was an expensive one to break into, and it was generally reserved for the most dedicated aficionados.

That exclusivity has all but been eliminated in recent years, however, as smaller, cheaper R/C helicopters have been introduced. Controls have been simplified, and flying has transformed into a relatively easy experience. The Air Hogs AtmoSphere helicopter is the flagship for the current move towards inexpensive simplistic fun.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The Air Hogs’ AtmoSphere is, by far, one of the most streamlined helicopters available. It consists of a simple, small sphere which contains the propeller and balancing mechanisms. The cage is made of a light plastic that protects the propeller from walls and ceilings. While many of the more recently released remote controlled helicopters are much simpler to control with several even being controlled by intuitive apps installed on users’ smartphones, the Air Hogs’ AtmoSphere is the first to eliminate an extraneous controller altogether. Instead of a traditional remote control, it contains an infrared sensor on the bottom of the cage that detects when an object is up to 6 inches beneath. This allows users to guide the helicopter simply by using their hands.

4NEUHow Much?

Due to be released at some point in 2013, the AtmoSphere will retail at $24.99.

Things We Like About Air Hogs AtmoSphere

Many R/C helicopters require pilots either fly outside or maintain caution and take care to avoid collisions with indoor objects. By being encased in the protective spherical frame, the AtmoSphere eliminates that worry. The controls are incredibly simple and intuitive and require absolutely no learning curve. It even includes an autonomous mode where it will roam around the area, perhaps occasionally bumping into walls.

Things We Did Not Like About Air Hogs AtmoSphere

The AtmoSphere will require 6 AAA batteries and will include a charging cradle. Battery life for all devices of this nature is always exceedingly short, so, while it is still unknown exactly, users may need to spend a time charging frequently.

Air Hogs AtmoSphereWho Would Buy Air Hogs AtmoSphere?

The world of R/C helicopters has usually been reserved for those willing to put in the time and financial investment, and the AtmoSphere bypasses that entirely and opens up the world to the public at large.


Nothing official regarding a warranty has been announced as of yet, but it is highly likely the AtmoSphere will have a policy covering workmanship defects and other similar issues.

Is Air Hogs AtmoSphere Worth the Money?

For only $24.99, the AtmoSphere treats purchasers to the fun of flight while maintaining an exceptionally simple control scheme. That alone is worth the cost!

Air Hogs AtmoSphereWhere Can I Buy Air Hogs AtmoSphere?

The helicopter will likely be available at all major retailers, both physical and online (Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.).

More Customer Reviews for Air Hogs AtmoSphere

Advanced reviews have come in regarding the Air Hogs’ AtmoSphere, and anticipation is high. Users are eager and excited to use the small, flying sphere for themselves!


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